Your zone of genius in the eye of the storm


Have you ever found yourself in the eye of the storm with a fiercely beating heart, thinking or feeling you are about to be engulfed by overwhelm and washed away…

But instead, you actually find yourself becalmed? Quite serene. Focused and in flow.

On the surface you might scoff and say “don’t be ridiculous, it’s not possible to be overwhelmed and serene at the same time, are you off your rocker!!??”.

And I would completely understand your initial incredulity.

But wait a moment, before you click away. This is a pivotal point and it relates to purpose – that seemingly elusive THING we all ardently pursue.

Just recently I’ve witnessed a beautiful entrepreneurial friend of mine, one of my stellar Belief Buddies (and if you are not quite sure what a Belief Buddy is and why they are so important, you can read about that here) in the eye of her own perfect storm. Holding space for almost 2000 women in an online challenge to help them tame their mindset and money demons, launching her amazing online business Academy AND packing up a whole house and co-ordinating a move for her family to a new home.

By all accounts, this should have been enough to tip her over the edge into Gaga land. Or at the very least short-tempered and stressed out, right?

But no. She has been sitting serenely in the epicentre of that storm, radiating calm in a rather inspirational way.

How? For two key reasons I believe.

Firstly. Zone of Genius.

She is operating in the absolute core of her Zone of Genius. Showing up 100% completely and utterly and totally herself. No hiding behind the shoulds and musts. Completely on purpose.

When you are 100% authentically you in your business and life, you find yourself in flow. Things that might appear to require superhuman effort to someone else, become easy for you.

And that’s what I want to shine a light of awareness on here. When are you in flow? When are things easy for you? When do you look up at the time and wonder where it has gone…?

Because those moments are massive indicators, huge neon flashing light clues that you are in your zone of genius and that is highly likely to be closely aligned with your purpose.

Be aware. Take note, Observe. Collect this evidence and build a business and life around it. Because that’s when joy tends to show up and the “you have to work really hard to be successful and make money” misbeliefs are blown out of the water. Perception is reality.

Footnote to this. We can also have a wicked tendency to dismiss our genius zones and thus, undervalue and quite likely undercharge – “oh that, it’s no big deal, anyone could do it….”. Actually that’s not true. Perhaps someone could do it if they tried really REALLY hard, but even then they still wouldn’t do it the way you do… Be aware of when and where compliments and appreciation land. They’re often key indicators of genius zones too, but only if you enjoy their source! I get complimented on my lamb roasts, after all, I am a Kiwi who grew up on a small sheep farm… but I have no desire to make this talent my calling!

Secondly. Trust.

This is the insight that I believe is absolutely vital for you to bloom in Your Next Chapter. And fortunately, an insight that you are most likely to develop in Your Next Chapter!

Life and business success in Your Next Chapter? It’s all about learning to trust yourself. And that only becomes possible when you claim your self-worth, when you realise your value. That you are inherently absolutely uniquely truly powerful and completely trustworthy to choose the right thing for you…

I now realise that in the past I used to turn to others to ask how I should feel about me. What I should think. What I should like. What I should do.

In hindsight, how completely and utterly ridiculous is that?

Giving away the power I never knew I had.

You get to choose.

There is no “right” way. There is just the right way for you.

There is no “wrong” way. There is just what doesn’t resonate with you.

There is such freedom in this realisation – can you feel it? That saying you have heard “you have all of the answers inside of you” – it’s actually not a frustratingly trite little cliche, it’s a powerful truism.

The next time you have a decision to make, a question to answer, a gap to close, pause. Don’t rush to look for the answer externally, from a friend, from Google. Just pause and allow the right answer for you to form. It’s there if you allow it time to come to the surface.

I’m not saying be an island from here on in, go it alone, don’t ever entertain the insight or experience of another person. I’m simply saying look to yourself first.

Take a breath and allow.

Try this approach for everything from the direction you want to take in your business, the way you want to market, the services you want to offer, the colours and fonts that call to you for your logo…. try it for everything!

It’s tremendously freeing and rather delightfully joyful to discover that you cannot get it wrong – because it’s not up for popular vote, just your vote!

And when you regularly exercise your Trust Yourself Muscle, a whole new world of possibility opens up for you…and I know for sure that you too will discover the calm, peace, certainty and flow that’s waiting in the eye of the storm for you.

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?

Angela Raspass Business Coach & Self Worth Educator



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Angela Raspass

Business Mentor, Author and Founder of the Centre for Self Worth, Angela blends strategy & self-worth to support business owners & leaders develop sustainable, impactful & fulfilling visions. What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?