Your Journey Board

A FREE transformational experience for women in their 40's and beyond

Stretching behind you, far into the distance, are all the steps you've taken to reach this point.

All the triumphs, large and small. All the experiences you've gathered. The lessons you've learned. The accomplishments and growth, everything that has shaped you into the woman you are today. 

And now it's time for the next step. Because something new is calling you.

That may mean you want guidance on how to turn your experience into a business...  or perhaps it's about reshaping the business you already have so it's a better fit for who you are now and what's become most important to you.

Either way, this Next Chapter is definitely about wanting to do meaningful work. To contribute, feel fulfilled and to be financially rewarded for the value you bring to the world.

Your Journey Board will help you on this quest for your future and it's free, it's my gift to you. 

Vision Boards are powerful,
but they only tell a third of the story...

When I created Your Journey Board, I knew that women loved using visual tools to harness their imagination. I knew Vision Boards worked. They were exciting to make. How could they not be, when you're weaving your dreams together.

But Vision Boards only tell part of the story.

I found there's less tripping up in the future if you truly make peace with your past first. There's less glancing over your shoulder.

There's a higher chance of future success when you begin with a strong connection to the present. A much greater chance of stepping out confidently into a new business and life when you begin with a sure footing.

And that sure footing comes from truly knowing, trusting and valuing yourself.

When you work through Your Journey Board, you're going to develop your own Purpose and Vision - and wow, it will be inspiring.

What's involved in Your Journey Board?

Your Journey Board is a self-paced program with three core modules - each has an audio guide with me talking you through the exercises that you complete workbooks at your own pace.

Module One: Finding the gold in your Past
Module Two: Connecting to your Present Power
Module Three: Developing a Clear Vision For Your Next Chapter 

When you have completed Your Journey Board you'll have:

  • A new sense of freedom and awareness from understanding, appreciating and accepting the experiences from your past that have shaped who you are today
  • Found the diamonds to polish - the value and tangible lessons of those experiences that you can now share to help and guide others because Next Chapter businesses are often built on "skinned knees"
  • Identified your core strengths that will become the foundations and future fuel for Your Next Chapter business and life.
  • Let go of the misbeliefs that may have been keeping you stuck in procrastination and doubt - you'll feel so much lighter, clear and positive!
  • Defined your core values and taken action on aligning with them so you feel far more fulfilled and purposeful
  • Developed your own daily practices - the "Bookends of Your Day" that both boost and ground your energy and keep you present and connected.
  • Uncovered core clues that allow you to connect your calling, passions and purpose so you're more inspired and motivated
  • Created a Personal Purpose and Vision Statement that unlocks the possibilities for your future business and provides you with focus and goals

And you'll also be inspired by an exclusive interview with:

Margie Warrell Bonus Interview

Stop Playing Safe & Start Living Bigger!

Margie is a Forbes columnist, best-selling author, sought-after commentator and speaker and supports individuals to live and lead more courageously and achieve outstanding success. She believes that courage is a habit unlocks new possibilities, creates new opportunities and enables you to meet your Next Chapter challenges with resilience and self-assurance. In this bonus interview from my 2015 Summit, Margie and I  discuss.

  • Finding new purpose - how exactly do you do that?
  • How to quiet your inner critic
  • When people around you don’t support you...
  • What to do if you think you’re too old for begin something new
  • Uncovering the stories & excuses that are holding you back
I know you want more. Purpose. Meaning. Fulfilment.
Your Journey Board
And that's why you're here...

You're the sum of everything that has unfolded up until now. Wise for the lessons you've learned.

You're not the person you were five years ago, or ten, or twenty, or more.

You're not the person you'll be in another two years, or five, or fifteen.

We are all works in progress, and I hope you've not been misled into thinking that you've left your dreams too late?

Those stories of the way it should be or the time it should have happened by can definitely take you off your own path. Into self-doubt, settling for less than you really yearn for, closing off the wide-open spaces of your imagination and your heart.

Don't allow those stories to keep you shackled by doubt - it's never too late to do what you love, to uncover your purpose and combine desire with inspired action. To enjoy contribution and fulfilment. You have so much ahead of you - so much to contribute when you channel your unique experience into a business that leverages your wealth of experience!



on the edge
I know how it feels to be on the edge of a new beginning.
Angela Raspass Self-Leadership Mentor

If we've not met before, hello there, I'm Angela Raspass and I'm a Next Chapter Business and Life Mentor for women.

My own previous chapters have included moving countries, a corporate career, marriage, kids, recovery from addiction, starting, growing and then unexpectedly closing a successful marketing agency. That's when I pivoted from consulting to mentoring, into a business that's a much better fit for me.

Along the way, I've gradually transformed the way I see my past. I'm no longer beating myself up over where I was, and what I did and didn't do. I've embraced its learnings and the self-compassion that's essential for that process. I've let go of much of what I needed to release. I'm now far more at peace with it because I now appreciate how every piece of it was necessary, actually pivotal, to where I am today - and that's pretty liberating.

I now know this journey is all about progress, not perfection. It's an evolution, not a revolution. It's about listening to your heart and learning to trust yourself. It's about knowing your value. It's about taking inspired action and being fuelled by a strong sense of fulfilment and contribution, aligned with your values, defining success on your terms.

It is absolutely possible to create, or realign, a business that serves you and your clients.

And so allow me to guide you through the transformational exercises in Your JOurney Board that will help you more deeply understand who you are, how you arrived here and where you're heading next in business and life.

I'm delighted to be able to help you make peace with your past, connect with your present and consciously and confidently create and embrace your future - where Your Next Chapter is waiting for you to make the unique contribution you're here for.


Your Next Chapter. Your "Where too Next"?.

Lindsey Blondell


Lindsey Blondel

Your Journey Board really helped me to untangle my spaghetti! You know the old saying, women's thoughts are like spaghetti, all twisted and touching each other and running off in different directions, men's thoughts are in lots of little boxes and they move from one to another entirely untroubled by everything else going on. It can help you untangle your spaghetti too, help you to hone in on some really important issues.

Jo Robertson



The Journey Board was a fun, interactive and extensive exercise. The modules provided an opportunity to think over my past experiences, lessons learned and my skills and qualities that will contribute as I start on something new. A chance to identify limiting beliefs that have been holding me back and no longer serve me, leaving me able to make peace with my past and to move forward confidently to connect with my present.

Emma Veiga-Malta




Your Journey Board is a goldmine of inspiration and action. Having spent the past 15 years being a full-time mother whilst running a small art and design studio from home, it was time to recalibrate and step up to the next level in life and business.

Brenda Tsiaousis



I found the journey board to be a wonderful and reflective activity. My favourite activity was the Reflection Map. At first I resisted doing the activities but once I got into it I found that thoughts, events and experiences that I had not considered for many years found their way into my mind.



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