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Your Journey Board

When you're ready for more...

Create a fresh business and life vision

I have been having conversations with so many women lately who find themselves on the edge of change. Wrestling with a feeling that what they are doing now is no longer a fit for them and yet not sure of what they want to step forward into.

In overall terms, they are looking for more purpose, more meaning, and more fulfilment. 

I feel exactly the same. That's why as of mid-2022, I've decided to take a sabbatical, to pause and explore my own next chapter.

And I'm starting by taking my own medicine - Your Journey Board, because I know there is so much to be harvested from our past to help create our future.

If you're keen to embark on your next chapter and are willing to explore where you've been so it can act as a springboard to where you are going, then Your Journey Board will provide many of the answers you're seeking.

We all want Purpose, Meaning and Fulfilment.

on the edge

Curiosity is the key to that door



What's involved in Your Journey Board?

Your Journey Board is a self-paced program with three core modules - each has an audio guide with me talking you through the exercises that you complete in the downlodable workbooks at your own pace.

Module One: Finding the gold in your Past
Module Two: Connecting to your Present Power
Module Three: Developing a Clear Vision For Your Next Chapter 

When you have completed Your Journey Board you'll have:

  • A new sense of freedom and awareness from understanding and appreciating the experiences from your past that have shaped who you are today
  • Harvested the tangible lessons of those experiences that you share to help and guide others (Next Chapters are often built on "skinned knees")
  • Identified your core strengths that will become the foundations and future fuel for Your Next Chapter business and life.
  • Let go of the misbeliefs that may have been keeping you stuck in procrastination and doubt - you'll feel lighter, clear and positive!
  • Defined your core values and taken action on aligning with them so you feel fulfilled and purposeful
  • Developed your own daily practices - the "Bookends of Your Day" that both boost and ground your energy and keep you present and connected.
  • Created a Personal Purpose and Vision Statement that unlocks the possibilities for your future business and provides you with focus and goals

Trust your intuition - it is time for change

I know how it feels to be on the edge of a new beginning.

Angela Raspass - business mentor, author and self-worth educator

If we've not met before, hello there, I'm Angela Raspass and I'm a Business Mentor, Author and the Founder of the Centre for Self Worth.

My own previous chapters have included moving countries, a corporate career, marriage, kids, recovery from addiction, starting, growing and then unexpectedly closing a successful marketing agency. That's when I pivoted from consulting to mentoring, into a business that's a much better fit for me.

Along the way, I've gradually transformed the way I see my past. I'm no longer beating myself up over where I was, and what I did and didn't do. I've embraced its learnings and the self-compassion that's essential for that process. I've let go of much of what I needed to release. I'm now far more at peace with it because I now appreciate how every piece of it was necessary, actually pivotal, to where I am today - and that's pretty liberating.

I now know this journey is all about progress, not perfection. It's an evolution, not a revolution. It's about listening to your heart and learning to trust yourself. It's about knowing your value. It's about taking inspired action and being fuelled by a strong sense of fulfilment and contribution, aligned with your values, defining success on your terms.

And so allow me to guide you through the transformational exercises in Your Journey Board that will help you more deeply understand who you are, how you arrived here and where you're heading next in business and life.

I'm delighted to be able to help you make peace with your past, connect with your present and consciously and confidently create and embrace your future - where Your Next Chapter is waiting for you to make the unique contribution you're here for.


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