How do I stop doubting myself_
 Then it's time to reconnect to your self-worth

Do you have a growing desire to step into something new? Or to stretch and grow, to become more visible and make a bigger contribution?

You’ve probably heard the call for some time now, but you've pushed it aside, perhaps choosing to stay in a safe place, not expanding or changing direction, because you're not sure you can make it work.

It's time to pause and take a breath. To connect with what you're really here to contribute.

I've both seen and experienced, the three-part challenge that we often bump up against when contemplating purpose and change.

  • Firstly, you can experience a lack of clarity. "What is it that I actually want to do, change or introduce?" are questions that can leave you... uncertain. For a business owner, clarity is an essential touchstone, but a lack of belief in yourself can make it elusive
  • Secondly, even if you are able to clearly envisage your future, what you'd like to do and create... doubt and comparison can kick in. Your Inner Critic is more than happy to let inform you of what little chance you have of actually making this happen.
  • Thirdly, you can make the mistake of equating the value of what you do with the value of who you are. And in doing so, perceive your hesitations, learning curves and mistakes as evidence of your inadequacy.

Although you might not actually go around saying out loud that you're not good enough, not worthy or capable of what you want to create and deliver I've had so many women share with me that "it's how I feel inside".

And when you combine self-doubt with a lack of clarity, they feed on each other, looping back and forth, again and again, a perfect recipe for a life only half lived.

How do I know this?

Because I've been there. And so have a great many wonderful women just like you.

I held a survey a few years ago and just under 90% of the 185 women responded to the question “what’s holding you back?” with the answer “Me. My lack of self-belief. I just don't think I have what it takes”.

I see this same misbelief play out with my clients. It's not their lack of skill, talent or experience that holds them back from reaching their full potential. It's how they see themselves and what they consciously, or unconsciously, believe about themselves.

And that's just not ok.

Your voice, your energy, your mission, your message, deserves to be released so you can flourish in Your Next Chapter, blending contribution with fulfilment, and enjoying abundant financial rewards for the value you create.

I know how it feels to be stuck in the gap between where you are and where you want to be, at a loss as to how to close that gap, because you doubt yourself. I know how it feels to be frustrated, disappointed and resigned.

I still visit that place on a bad day. But the difference today is that I no longer stay there. And you don't need too either.

 You can borrow my belief in you until you have it for yourself.
How to improve your business confidence
 It's not about doing. It's about being.

Your journey begins on the inside.

How would it feel to really trust yourself? To own your value and fully know your worth? To be able to explore options and possibilities that spark your curiosity and enliven your heart. To make choices that support your growth and authenticity?

It's from that space of clarity and certainty that you can powerfully turn your ideas into action, allowing yourself to be fully seen. To introduce and market the services you really want to deliver. To put the price point on that program you know it deserves. Your possibilities are infinite...

When you let go of comparison and the old, unsupportive and thoroughly untrue stories about not being enough the world opens up for you. You might not even be aware of the influence some of those stories have over you. But you'll soon experience the power of letting them go.

And that’s why it's helpful to navigate your way into Your Next Chapter with the guidance and insights of someone with a fresh perspective, a set of seriously useful tools, and the wholehearted compassion that only comes from having journeyed from self-doubt to self-worth herself.

Someone who’s been there before. Who knows what it’s like to be stuck in quicksand and who’s come out the other side, fully owning who she is, and able to see and believe in your worth and the value you have to contribute.

Together, we'll explore where you currently sit on the Self-Worth Continuum © and develop a plan to move you to the point where you own your worth and are free to joyfully contribute to the world at 100% of your capacity.


Angela Raspass Self-Leadership Mentor

Hello, I'm Angela Raspass

I'm a Next Chapter Business and Life Mentor for women in their 40's and beyond who are yearning to step into their full potential in business and life.

After a corporate career, I'd grown my own successful marketing agency business from my dining room table to an office and a small, full-time team by 2012. I had a wonderful husband, two great kids, and a beautiful home…

Even though things looked good on the outside, that had a lot to do with projection and pride. I knew I'd created a business unconsciously. I'd leveraged my skills and followed the shoulds and those strategies had worked. Until they just didn't anymore. Until I realised that bigger does not necessarily mean better and that skills are important but values, more so. My business was no longer a fit the woman I'd become, a woman utterly changed by overcoming addiction and living in sobriety since 2006.

The lessons I'd learned in the Recovery Movement had opened my eyes and my heart. They'd allowed me to excavate and embrace my self-worth. I'd written a new story of enoughness, and once you know your value, once you change from the inside out, it can never be "business as usual" again.

Success has to be redefined by you. Designed on your own terms, with your truth and values at the core.

And so that's what I did, choosing to close my agency and pivot from consulting to mentoring.  I now share a potent blend of personal and business development tools that help my clients, wholehearted women like you, to unearth, live and work by what's true for them too.

 Who is The Worthy Program designed for?

Women who oscillate between desire and doubt.

If you're frustrated by a sense of knowing that you've not yet reached your potential, contributed what you are capable of, or committed to what you're really aching to do, this program will help you to unlock yourself.

Are you:

  • Tired of listening to that negative voice inside, but not sure how to quieten it
  • Keen to start your business, change the direction of the one you already have  or simply launch a new service... but it just stays on the drawing board
  • Stuck in comparison, feeling less than, not enough, or that you've left it too late
  • Unsure of how to turn your ideas into reality, stuck in procrastination or perfectionism
  • Berating yourself - surely by now, at this age you "should have it together?"
  • Spending a lot of time feeling isolated, without like-minded people that you can truly connect with

It's never too late to turn the page and begin a new chapter with your heart and mind wide open.


The Worthy Program is a personalised mentoring experience, a guided journey out of self-doubt and into clarity and strong self-worth. It condenses all that I've learned in the last 14 years with my Self-Worth Trilogy at its core.

Your investment of time and energy with me includes:

  • Fortnightly personal mentoring sessions - deep and wide wholehearted conversations
  • Set exercises and challenges to complete between sessions to anchor and expand your new insights
  • Email and message support as needed
  • Recommendations for further reading and viewing (my favourite books, Ted Talks and more)

The Self Worth Trilogy with Angela Raspass

Together, we'll be exploring how to:

  • Gain clarity on your unique Business Clarity Fulcrum© that blends contribution, fulfilment and financial reward
  • Reconnect to your core values, strengths and experiences that will be fused into the heart of your business
  • Overcome the negative thoughts and self-talk that are served up by your Inner Critic by adopting the Daily Dialogue © and Escape practices
  • Break free of The Comparison Trap so you can appreciate and confidently share your unique self and services
  • Create and follow an inspired action plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be
Mandy Giles


I had reached a crossroads and decided to leave my secure job to venture out in my own business.

While I was confident that there would be an opportunity for my business to succeed, I was somewhat less confident in myself.

I knew I had untapped potential but would be competing with a lot of consultants and I needed to set myself apart from them...

Janelle Ruthven

test_janelleI first met Angela at an event she ran at my son’s school. The hour seminar was wonderful…I loved her honesty, enthusiasm and passion for helping women find themselves in the midst of ‘life’.

Angela’s own life is an inspiring tapestry of adversity and accomplishment, which, coupled with her marketing, life coach skills & business acumen, make her a great person to mentor other women through personal and career changes.


Today I stand confidently with a deep belief in my own worth. It's the foundation for how I show up in the world as a Businesswoman, Wife, Mother, Friend and Next Chapter Mentor for women in their power years!

My experience has gifted me absolute proof that it's possible to realign your business and life from the inside out. It's taught me that this is an evolution, not a revolution, that personal expansion is a process, not an event.

And, most importantly, it's taught me that reconnecting to your self-worth is the most important business strategy you can invest in. It's this strong connection that enables you to be courageous, visible, articulate and resilient.

I'm not "fixed" and I'm certainly not perfect. I'm a work in progress and always will be as more layers are both peeled away and added.

The difference is that I now have tools, resilience and a far healthier and kinder self-regard to rely on so that I can bounce back quicker than I used to. I am more willing to take risks and back myself these days. I trust myself. I am gentler on myself. And I am committed to taking care of myself.

Sometimes I think, "Imagine if I'd found these practices and tools sooner?". That's why I've created The Worthy Program.

 Imagine how you will feel stepping into the Next Chapter of your business with confidence and clarity. 

Sharleen Greer


Angela has helped me to catapult my business not only with her wealth of skills, but also in her ability to help me build my own confidence and belief in myself. I truly believe no-one can succeed if their self-worth is in tatters.

I have thrown my beliefs away around not being a sales and marketing person and now know I am and have always been a natural networker and connector. I am now constantly watching that I don’t over give, that I don’t rescue all my clients and I don’t devalue my work or myself by under charging.

Sharon Riley

test_sharonWe were half way through my first session when Angela helped me to see something that was right in front of my face but I had never connected the dots…I was sooo happy that I could finally pinpoint where one major issue in my life had started – I almost jumped up and hugged her!

I love working with her – she doesn’t judge, no answer is wrong, when I ask me a question and I’m unsure where to start she gives me pointers to help me begin, (usually I would get embarrassed when I couldn’t think of an answer).

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?

Shall we connect and chat?

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