I'll help you discover, deepen and expand Your Next Chapter

"Working with Angela is a revelation... she gives everything she has: absolute intent, cut-through thinking, unwavering support and a wholeheartedness that's truer than true. She has transformed my business."

Are you ready to grow you and your business?

I'm a strategist, an optimist and an encourager with an intuitive mind and an unwavering belief in you and the contribution and impact you're here to make. I have years of marketing and sales experience and a knack for finding, and closing, the gaps in businesses and I'm committed to helping you become clear on what your personal blend of contribution, fulfilment and financial reward in business looks like.

And what does this mean to you?

It means that when we work together you'll experience a powerful blend of strategic business insight and personal growth because, with my own experience as a business owner since 2003, I know you need to have both in alignment for success. That's success as defined by you in a business that supports your life, not runs it.

You can read more and visit each individual service through the links below and you can also book a Breakthrough conversation where we can explore what you're looking for and how I can best support you.

Angela Raspass Business and Life Mentor for female entrepreneurs
Business Breakthrough for women with Angela Raspass



Strategy Session - a single, focused mentoring session

If you have your idea, but need help refining it so you can get started or if you have a business but want deeper certainty about its structure, your offers, and your audience, a Strategy Session is a great place to begin. This is a one-on-one Deep Dive 90 minute session where we will get you crystal clear on your business structure, message, audience, and core services and define your core marketing strategy. A powerful shot of clarity for you.


VIP Day Business Strategy with Angela Raspass copy

A VIP Strategy Workshop - intense clarity, focus, and action

This is a unique experience. A fusion of vision, clarity and strategy as we refine or redesign the Next Chapter of your business or create a path out of Corporate and into self-employment. A creative and strategic adventure where we will energetically collaborate, thinking clearly, deeply and widely as we shape and map out the steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be.




Business Mastermind for women - Taking you and your business further

My Mastermind Experiences are designed especially for those wanting ongoing support throughout the year as you build your business as a part of an intimate and committed small group of like-minded women.

This is a highly supportive experience encompassing personal mentoring, group masterminding, private retreats and specialist masterclasses. My 2021 Masterminds will open late this year, with a planning workshop to ensure you harvest the lessons and growth of a tumultuous 2020 ready to hit the ground running in the new year.

The Self-Worth Institute - increase your confidence and self-belief with Angela Raspass

The Self-Worth Institute

The Self-Worth Institute is my passion project, my own Next Chapter sitting alongside the mentoring work I do, because that work and my own personal experiences have helped me to understand to the core of my being that without a strong connection to your sense of worthiness, you are unlikely to fully value the contribution you make, pursue the fulfilment you crave or allow yourself to receive the financial rewards due to you.

Through the Institute I will be offering a Facilitators Certification Program for leaders, coaches, trainers, educators, wellness advocates, addiction recovery specialists and other professionals who are interested in and committed to supporting their clients, colleagues and communities to be the brightest, boldest most expansive versions of themselves. To register your interest in finding out more about the Beta Program, please visit the website here.

Kate Riordan


Sometimes building something new can be overwhelming and all seem to hard and unobtainable despite our best efforts. Having Angela on my support team made it seem possible. She dealt with every challenge that arose with such heartfelt, wise counsel - she came into my life at a time when I thought it might be all too hard.

And now, when I think how far I have come...I believe I can do it! So thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.