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It's a delight to welcome you to Your Next Chapter!

In my years of mentoring and interviewing women readying themselves for or in the midst of their Next Chapters, I saw a pattern, a model, emerging. There are clear stages you need to navigate on your journey.

The first two, Discontent and Desire, are in what I call the "Deliberation Zone" - when you are oscillating between excitement and fear. You can be stuck there, or you can move into the Decision Stage, work through doubt, procrastination and perfectionism and get started.

You're then in the Doing Zone where you consciously Design the next chapter of your business, wrapping it around your strengths and values, to ensure sustainability before moving into the Delivery stage, where you are now actively contributing, working with your clients or forwarding your cause.

Our world is changing so rapidly.

There are endless ways you can make a difference with your unique combination of skills, experience, and insights, in a sustainable business that grows and changes with you and serves you just as much as you serve your clients.

I'm 50 now and even though I've been self-employed since 2003, I feel I'm just getting started, that the best is yet to come in my Next Chapter.

Your Next Chapter Model of Change
Angela Raspass

Do you feel that mix of excitement and possibility too? It's exciting, isn't it!

I know it's my purpose to guide Next Chapter businesswomen to reach the level of business success they desire. I do this through strategy sessions, masterminds, and personal mentoring, creating environments that both nurture and challenge you to become the best version of you.

Here on this page, you'll find links to various destinations on my website, things to read and listen to, events to join and opportunities to work with me.

Please take a look around and explore - I mentor business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to discover, deepen and expand into the next chapter of their business and life - I'd be delighted to be on your support team too.

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