Create a Visual Business Model

Creating a Visual Business Model for your work

You’ve no doubt heard that expression “a picture tells a thousand words”.

It’s particularly true when it comes to your business – you can encapsulate so much in a well designed visual model.

I’m no slacker when it comes to creating ideas. I actually suffer from “Popcorn Brain” half the time – too many of them! But I don’t have the design skills to bring my ideas to life – that’s when I call on one of the very talented people in my world. So when a model appeared in my head that captures the heart of how I support my clients as they grow both themselves and their Next Chapter Businesses, I knew exactly who could help, Sarah Tovey, from Bloom with Sarah – and look at what she created for me – I love it! It’s my Expansion Model, the outcomes we co-create for you when we work together, especially in my Business Masterminds.

The Next Chapter Business and Life Framework

Take the Model Challenge for yourself

Is there a model in your head that could visually communicate your work in the world? I bet there is. I see them coming to life all the time and it’s one of my favourite ways of helping my clients with their own clarity and value.

You begin by considering where your own clients are when they start with you (their Current State) and where you ultimately take them too – the outcomes you create together (their Future State).

Then look at the steps in between and see how you can group the steps, skills, qualities or ideas together in clusters. I find post-it notes really handy at this stage to capture all the thoughts and move them around.

Also, be acutely aware of what’s most important to your clients – what do they talk about? What do they crave? The desire for contribution, for purposeful work, is at the core for my audience. My clients want fulfilment from what they do, and I totally align with those desires, so they are baked into my model as well.

See if you can spot any overarching themes or concepts you find yourself referring to again and again – this is often on several levels and can be both an internal and external experience. My deliverables are definitely a combination of both.

This is why it’s a good idea to take a stroll through your feedback and testimonials to discover what your clients say they receive, beyond the obvious, tangible outcomes.

It’s how I discovered that Confidence and Self-Belief are two of the most common and valued outcomes that I help create, and so this is anchored in as one of the core concepts in my Trilogy.

Visuals are so powerful

There are very clever people in the world, like Sarah, who can translate your rambling ideas into powerful visuals. That’s their genius zone.

And you have your genius zones too. Without a doubt.

There are many ways to visually communicate your model – here are some extra examples on Pinterest

I encourage you to take the challenge and see if you can work up a rough sketch of your own model to express these and then have it translated by a designer. It will help you more clearly communicate the value you contribute to the world.





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