Enjoy the best of business and personal development in Your Next Chapter!

Our monthly online meet-up is perfect if:

  • You're a woman in business
  • Who loves and values personal development
  •  Is an avid reader
  • An who spends a lot of time working alone



I have just finished the virtual book club call with the insightful and brilliant Angela Raspass a Business Mentor for women in their 40s and beyond. This woman gives so much! She had a really useful presentation summarising the key points from the book and gave us opportunity to chat and discuss as well. Angela helps me work stuff out that is in my head AND gives so many nuggets and stimulating ways of approaching my business and myself. I find her podcasts incredible as well. Check her out and sign up for her next virtual book club call! 

Becky Quicke Founder, CEO & Clinical Psychologist 

When you register to join my Virtual Book Club, you'll receive a summary of each month’s book to your inbox with some questions to ponder for our call. There is no requirement to buy the suggested book, unless of course, you love it!

Hi, I’m Angela Raspass, and I'm a Business Strategist and Mentor for women in their 40's and beyond, growing service based businesses.  

I’ve had so much value from the books I read and love conversations with other businesswomen about these developmental topics for our business and personal growth.

I host a monthly in-person Salon Dinner in Sydney and bi-monthly in Canberra where we have fabulously deep and rich conversations, springboarding from what I have read, learned and applied.  

But not everyone who wanted to join in can make it along, so I’ve created a Virtual Version as well.  

We meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm AEST in an online video-conference room (ZOOM) where we discuss this months book, the initial questions I’ve posed and how we’ll put the ideas we’ve discovered into action.

Join me for an enjoyable, enlightening, entertaining and inspiring hour!