Business Planning VIP Day with Angela Raspass


An invitation for you


You know it's time to re-energise, revitalise, realign your business. You've been feeling it for a while.  It's exciting. But you're likely also feeling a little unsure. You don't have perfect clarity yet. You could simply keep things as they are...but you feel the pull of new opportunities and a desire for growth.

The Next Chapter of your business is calling you!

You know you can be more, contribute more, stretch, evolve, grow, expand! And you know that growth can be deeper, not necessarily wider.

And it feels like there is no time to waste.


So how will you respond?

You could lean on the advice of friends and family.

You could join a group program.

Enrol in an online course.

Attend a conference.

Hire a Business Coach or Consultant.


Or you could spend a VIP day with me, and step into your power and possibilities sooner, and with more certainty than you could have ever imagined.


You've realised is that you really want to be supported and stretched so you can gracefully, or urgently, move forward. You've recognised that you want synergy. To collaborate with a kindred spirit who will get you and what you want to create. Someone who can add a fresh perspective and share experience, insight and confident guidance around business models, marketing, messaging and more.

This is a unique experience.

A fusion of vision and possibilities, self-worth and self-belief as we redesign your business for Your Next Chapter. A creative and strategic adventure where we will energetically collaborate, thinking clearly, deeply and widely as we shape and map out the steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The inspired action plan that we will create means you will know exactly what your next steps are and ensures that you are building the next chapter of your business with success as you define it, at its core, a business that makes an impact and a difference and serves you just as much as it serves the clients you are taking care of. A sustainable business that complements, not commands, your life and where you are well rewarded, financially, for the value you deliver to the world.

There is quite simply nothing like the astonishing clarity, confidence, and momentum that come from this level of personal focus.


A Next Chapter VIP Day is a tailored experience, developed from an initial conversation and a comprehensive pre-session questionnaire as well as the alchemy between us on the day as you dig down and open up to what you desire to create. This often means that opportunities and outcomes sometimes unfold and reveal themselves in unexpected ways... no two VIP days I have ever hosted have ever been exactly the same.

But rest assured, that in my own many years of experience as a Business Owner and Mentor, I have developed frameworks, tools, and strategies to support this organic process and so, depending on where you are in your business journey when we meet, we may:

  • Explore and develop your story, style and stance, the keys to becoming a Thought Leader, attracting beautifully aligned clients who want to learn from you
  • Become clear on just who these Most Aligned clients are - who you want to work with and how
  • Develop your own Differentiation Model (DM) - the unique way in which you take your clients from where they are to where they want to be. Trust me, you have this pathway inside of you and I am adept at drawing it out!
  • Recreate your services, packages and pricing models based on your DM
  • Explore and refine your brand language and messaging so you clearly and compellingly communicate the value you provide
  • Develop online and offline client attraction philosophies that leverage your natural talents and expertise
  • Explore how best to issue invitations that ensure your sales conversations are conducted with grace and ease

And no matter what we cover strategically, we will definitely delve into:

  • Ensuring your purpose and values are aligned and woven into the heart of your business so you feel fulfilled in your work
  • Creating an inspired Progressive Engagement plan that keeps you focused and in flow
  • Identify the real things that may be holding you back (and it's usually not what you think) and empower you with the practical and emotional tools to move forward and let them go
  • Declutter your mind and narrow down your Marketing to-do list by creating a to-don't list - honestly, you don't need to spread yourself thin to connect with your audience
  • Escape from the stressful confines of doing business under the weight of "the should's" into the freedom of a more wholehearted approach

You'll finish feeling light, open, confident and clear with self-doubt banished and possibilities wide open again. You'll have clarity and focus and a clear plan to move forward with.

Melanie Curry

Davis Autism



I am thrilled that my colleague and I made the decision to invite Angela to work with us around our vision of transitioning Davis Autism International into a charitable trust.


Michelle Capper-Fay



I had an initial consultation, a "wholehearted conversation" with Angela, and it was so powerful, and so I knew the workshop would be very powerful and impactful - and it was.

Angela is a multi-dimensional coach, a creative explorer, an excavationist of ideas and potential and she goes straight to the core of the issue! I think she is so intuitive and keyed in at a whole other level beyond what is presented to her. I felt totally seen, totally heard, totally held and I would recommend this service, absolutely.


Linley Cornish




I approached the day with a sense of curiosity, hoping for some stimulating questions, suggestions and feedback to challenge the current state of my mind, being and business. I was delighted to experience all of this and so much more...


Megan Holgate


I began my year in the best way possible, which was to undertake a Workshop with Angela.

She came highly recommended to me, yet not every recommendation has worked out as positive experience as my day with Angela.

Amanda Lecaude


I recently had a Bloom Workshop with Angela and have now redefined parts of my business that I want to grow and develop in the year ahead.

I have also refined my goals and plans which are also all mapped out even before the new year has begun.

I came away from the session invigorated, motivated and focused on taking the next steps!



After your Next Chapter Business VIP, we'll meet again virtually for a follow up mentoring session to share your progress, discuss any questions you may have and to reinforce commitment to your new, inspired action plan.

My clients report feeling "that everything is now possible" after our work together... and often tell me that "the time we spent together just flew by". But, most importantly, they leave inspired, committed and absolutely clear on their purpose, model, value and their new path.


We meet and workshop for a single intense day at my home in Bayview on Sydney's Northern Beaches between 10am and 4pm with a working lunch. We can also meet virtually and workshop via ZOOM.

Face to face or virtually, both of these options produce strong connection, clarity and synergy and I strongly recommend allowing yourself the next day free of appointments where possible to allow yourself to process and integrate the experience and weave your new action plan into your diary to ensure the implementation that delivers results.

We'll also reconnect again within the month following your VIP Day to check in and celebrate your successes and remove any roadblocks you may have hit.

Your investment is $1995 plus GST and a payment plan is available.

Sylvia Chierchia


test_sylviaI decided to work with Angela you because there was something about her that just resonated with me. She seemed like the type of person I just had to work with and I was right.

Initially, I thought what I wanted was a strong business plan. A how-to guide so that I could start the new year with a clear mind and a clear road map for my business with a few key strategies under my belt. I am feeling GREAT since our work together! Breakthroughs? Understatement. A different outcome than initially anticipated? Even bigger understatement.

Philippa Lowe


test_philippaHaving Angela is like having a cheer squad with one vital difference. She doesn’t enthuse you without ensuring you have a structure and direction. Angela keeps you accountable. Ultimately, I have to do the work myself, but having a second brain to turn to when I feel uncertain, challenged, or in overwhelm has been vital.

I had no hesitation about working with Angela – she has a whole-hearted belief in what she does, she is empathic yet tough when it’s needed and so I absolutely recommend her services.

This experience will take you into a new level of certainty, one where you have complete trust in yourself and your ability to bring your vision to life along with an aligned plan of inspired action to integrate and implement.

Let's have a wholehearted conversation to check that we are a good energetic and strategic fit, to discuss any questions you may have.


Then please take a few moments to apply for a Next Chapter Business VIP day and I will be in touch to arrange a time for us to talk.

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?

Let's find out together...


Just click the button to complete a short form and provide me with some background details and where you are now and where you'd like to be and I'll be back in touch to arrange a time for us to chat.