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An immersive deep dive experience

Let's dive into the heart of your business, together

This is an experience designed for the extraordinary woman who wants high-level, personal support to create significant clarity and change in their life and business, quickly.


You know it's time to re-energise, revitalise, realign. You've been feeling it for a while. It's exciting. But you're likely also feeling a little unsure. You don't have perfect clarity yet. You could simply keep things as they are...but you feel the pull of new opportunities and a desire for growth.

You know you can be more, contribute more, stretch, evolve, grow, expand! And you also know that growth can mean going deeper, not necessarily wider.

It's really hard to do this work alone. It's almost impossible to see the spot you're standing on. To navigate your way through old stories you may be stuck in. But together? The possibilities reveal themselves and clarity and confidence arrive.

The Next Chapter of your business is calling you

A VIP Day is for you if you:

  • Are keen to collaborate with someone who will help you explore what you want to create next - a sounding board to help give shape and form to your ideas
  • Are feeling that there's more to your story, more you can do, and feel frustrated, knowing you're holding yourself back
  • Are ready to be challenged and stretched, to expand your thinking and your capabilities


A fusion of vision and possibilities, strategy and self-belief as we co-create the next chapter of your business.

The succinct action plan that we will create means you will know exactly what your next steps are and ensure that you have success as you define it at the core of everything you do.

My superpower is being able to give your myriad of ideas shape and form. I guarantee there is quite simply nothing like the clarity, confidence, and momentum that come from this level of personal focus.

Are you ready to take a big leap forward?

Let's connect, discuss your goals and schedule your VIP Day


A VIP Day is a tailored experience, developed from an initial conversation and a comprehensive pre-session questionnaire and the alchemy between us on the day as we dig down into what you want to create.

Depending on where you are in your business journey when we meet, we may:

  • Explore and develop your story, style, and stance, the keys to deepening your Personal Brand and becoming a leader in your industry
  • Become clear on just who your Most Aligned clients are - who you want to work with now and how do you want to serve them. This often involves entering a new market or niche
  • Develop your own Differentiation Model (DM) - the unique way in which you work with your own clients. Trust me, you have this model inside of you and I am adept at drawing it out!
  • Redevelop your services, packages, and pricing models into a clear Offer Staircase, based on your model
  • Explore and refine your brand language and messaging so you clearly and compellingly communicate the value you provide
  • Develop online and offline visibility strategies that leverage your natural talents and expertise

As we define a business that combines contribution, fulfilment, and financial reward.


And no matter what we cover strategically, we'll also delve into:

  • Lifting your Self Leadership skills so you can support yourself through challenges
  • Ensuring your values are woven into the heart of your business
  • Identifying and removing the blocks that might be stopping you from making choices and decisions
  • Escaping from the confines of doing business under the weight of "the should's" into the freedom of a more personally aligned approach

BONUS: Instinctive Drives Profile

As I'm a Certified ID Partner, we will also explore your unique "Instinctive Drives", an incredibly illuminating profiling system that helps us to understand what makes you tick so we can create the environment, and by extension, the business model, that helps you to thrive.


Your Instinctive Drives ID Profiling tool

We'll discover:

What drives and motivates you and what you need to operate at your best

Your natural talents and how to make the most of them

Your natural vulnerabilities - including potential blind spots - and how to manage them

How you see the world and how others see you

Practical strategies designed to help you operate at peak performance

Are you ready to take a big leap forward?

You'll finish the day feeling energised, confident, clear, and focused.

Let's connect, discuss your goals and schedule your Strategic Workshop

VIP Day - Strategic Planning for your business


  • We meet and workshop for a single intense day at my home in Bayview on Sydney's Northern Beaches between 10am and 4pm with a working lunch. We can also meet virtually and workshop via ZOOM.
  • If online, the entire workshop will be recorded on zoom for you. If face to face, you are most welcome to record our session on your phone
  • Any diagrams, models, copy and other ideas developed on the day will be yours to keep
  • I will select a number of resources from my library that are most relevant and valuable for you, providing hard copies on the day and soft copies by email
  • A follow-up Mentoring Session will be reserved for you within 3 weeks of your workshop and you have light email support during this time, to clarify any questions you may have during the implementation of your session outcomes
  • I strongly recommend allowing yourself the next day free of appointments where possible to allow yourself to process and integrate the experience (you'll feel tired for sure!) and to weave your new action plan into your diary to ensure the implementation that delivers results.

My clients report feeling "that everything is now possible" after our work together... and often tell me that "the time we spent together just flew by". But, most importantly, they leave inspired, committed, and absolutely clear on their purpose, model, value, and their new business path.


  • Ready and willing to dive deep and focus the entire day on you and your business as a co-creator and collaborator
  • Open, curious and committed so we can explore a range of possibilities and make changes in your business and life
  • Prepared to dig beneath any fears and concerns so we can create a path forward that allows you to expand right out along your growth edges
  • Rather enthusiastic about what’s truly possible for you and your business!

Together, we’ll align your ideas and options with your values and vision so you can make clear decisions and confidently plan the Next Chapter of your business.

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?

Let's connect, discuss your goals and schedule your workshop.

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