The silver bullet of business success


This was the headline on an ad I saw in my Facebook Feed that triggered my sense of indignation and then this blog post.

I believe 100% wholeheartedly THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET!

Let’s be honest this entrepreneurial adventure can be one tough gig.

Some days it feels like one small step forward, 3 giant steps back.

Some days you’re walking on sunshine after getting beautiful clarity on your message and the brand new service or program you want to launch.

And the next day you are just drowning in the details, feeling completely overwhelmed again.

Some days you’re happy dancing because you’ve welcomed a new client into your business and you feel on purpose and inspired.

And the next you’re looking at a bank account that isn’t exactly flush to say the least and the wings of your soaring spirits are clipped once more.

You look at all of those bright shiny posts on social media that promise a quick and painless easy way to success:

  • “If you’d like to have a $100,000 marketing funnel in the next 30 days just click here!”

  • “This time last year I was on struggle street but then I discovered this XYZ formula and now I work just 3 hours a week and I’m holidaying in the Greek Islands whilst the cash register just keeps ringing – click here to sign up and find out more!”.

  • “I just launched my program for the first time with practically no list, no advertising and wow, I just made $40K in a week and you can too just sign up here”

  • “Sign up here for my top-secret method to generating $20K in the next 30 days”.

Ok, so I am being just slightly sarcastic to make a point, but it is a point that needs to be made.

There is no silver bullet for success

I’m sorry to say it again but there is no silver bullet.

There is no magic pill.

There is no perfect system.

There is no cookie-cutter business model to adopt.

There is no guaranteed way to fast track your business success.

There is no mentor or coach or guru who has all the answers for you and who can anoint you with a magic elixir!

In all likelihood, you are not doing anything “wrong”.

Yes, there are new skills to learn and gaps to close.

The truth is it takes time, determination and perseverance to grow a business.

Not everything you try will work.

You need the ability to be knocked down and to bounce back up again and again and again.

You need buoyant self-belief.

You need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and scared and uncertain – sometimes all in the same day!

You really, really, really have to WANT this. To be an entrepreneur or a business owner. Believe me, there are easier gigs! That’s why not that many people actually do step into this arena in the overall population.

I’m not posting this with a great big black cloud over my head – most people who know me would describe me as an optimistic soul. But I am concerned that our instant gratification rules ok society attitude is seeping into the entrepreneurial world as well (if my Facebook Feed is any indication!) and making people feel that we are not measuring up if we haven’t cracked six figures in six months.

And, that if you can just find that elusive elixir, you’ll be right.

Sweetheart, there just isn’t one.

This I know for sure

When you have a deep, burning desire to do good in the world. When that voice inside (the quiet, calm, insistent one, the one I call Your Inner Sage) keeps telling you that this is the work you are here to do in the world. When you feel so strongly that you have something to give and NOW is the time to give it.

You need to listen.

You need to take action.

Lean into it.

Roll up your sleeves.

Be prepared for a long and adventurous and challenging and exhilarating road.

Desire, focus, determination and consistent, aligned, inspired action is what delivers “overnight success”.

Are you ready for that?

Because the rewards really can be huge.

Huge fulfilment

Huge happiness.

Huge connections.

Huge purpose and passion.

Huge freedom.

Huge impact.

And hell yeah, sometimes huge financial abundance too.

Wholehearted success? On your terms? Defined by you? Yes, it is really, truly possible.

Let’s just be honest.

It’s seldom delivered on a platter.

Rarely via a silver bullet.

Never truly overnight.

But that really does make your success all the sweeter when it does arrive.

Angela Raspass Business Coach & Self Worth Educator


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