There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Next Chapters are often built on skinned knees.

The experiences you’ve had as you’ve fallen into the potholes of life are invaluable. They allow you to turn around and provide a map for the people coming up behind you, helping them to shorten their own journeys, perhaps even avoid some of the pain or frustrations you’ve known.

Your empathy is your point of connection.

It can be hard to see the value of a challenge when you’re in the midst of it. Especially if that challenge has you enveloped in emotional pain.

But when you come out the other side, the fog clears, the pain recedes and you realise that you’re not broken. There may be cracks in you, sure, but that’s how the light gets in.

It’s certainly been my experience.

I now value my journey through addiction and self-loathing into freedom and self-worth. It has helped me tremendously when I work with my clients to see their inherent value and worthiness as they build their own self-belief.

I now value my journey from a stressed out Marketing Agency owner to a (usually!) peaceful and fulfilled Business and Life Mentor for women. It’s helped me guide my clients to step out of the “paradigm of shoulds of business’ and into creating new businesses and lives that reflect the woman they have become.

I now understand the value of letting go, of putting your heart and soul into an endeavour but then detaching from the outcome. Of living and working in the space between action and allowing. The space where you experience satisfaction and flow.

And I now absolutely appreciate that this is an evolution, chapter upon chapter, being written, layer upon layer peeling away as you discover new parts of yourself and new ways that you want to show up in the world. New ways to be of service, as you define and develop your own programs and offers, the ones that light you up and transform your clients.

This is the joy of the journey.

And so I wonder, what cracks do you have?

What light can you shine on the path for another?

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?


Angela Raspass

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter? That's the question Angela helps you explore & answer with self-belief & inspired action with her personal & business expansion programs.
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