The Summer Audio Series – Suzanne Evans

I met Suzanne Evans in 2014 when I travelled to Las Vegas with two of my “Belief Buddies” and gorgeous friends to attend her “Be the Change” event for entrepreneurs.

And what a game changer that experience was.

The energy, determination and optimism in the room was breathtaking and the speakers were so inspiring. There were almost 900 people (90% women) in the room completely and utterly focused on making an impact in the world with their passion and skills.

The diversity of business types was amazing and the conversations we had were incredible. I even met the woman who was to become my own Business Coach and Mentor. I hadn’t even considered investing in myself in that way when I came to this event, but over the course of the 5 days we were there, it just became so obvious that the difference between those who were taking action and making things happen in their businesses and those who weren’t was that the former had strong self-belief and were investing significantly in themselves.

So I made the decision to do the same and it really marked the turning point for me in my own business.

And I have to say, it also felt pretty darn awesome to be with “my tribe” at this event. Well over two thirds of the people at Be the Change were women in their 40’s and beyond in service based businesses – a very very different experience to Awesomeness Fest that I had gone to in Bali the year prior when I really felt like a fish out of water surrounded by 20 somethings!

This recognition birthed a new intention – a determination to create an event back here in Sydney, Australia that catered to “my people”. That first event was called “Your Second Act” and took place in February of 2015…

As my brand has evolved and I’ve become clearer in my own message, it’s now morphed into “Your Next Chapter LIVE” and is THE event for wholehearted entrepreneurial women in their 40’s and beyond who want to combine purpose and profit, to have impact and abundance in a service based business – you can read more about the event and book your seat right here.

Once I was back in Australia after Be the Change and Speak and Write to Make Millions with Lisa Nichols in San Diego, I was feeling so inspired by the women I had met that I decided to host a Telesummit and one of the first women I contacted to interview was Suzanne Evans. I was delighted when her team (after asking a lot of questions!) confirmed that she would be happy to be interviewed for the Summit.

And so this is that interview – you’ll discover how Suzanne went from $0 to a million dollars a year in coaching by being herself and taking the leap to making a living by making a difference. If you are ready to give up your dream because you aren’t creating the cashflow you need, you really need to listen into this interview. If you do give your business away now, people will suffer because they will never experience the gift that you have to offer.

Suzanne and I discuss:

  • Exactly how she turned her life story into a million dollar brand and how you can too
  • Simple steps to wealth (if you are willing to take inspired action)
  • How being broke really is a choice and how you can change your mind

Suzanne is the owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC, and is the tell-it-like-it-is, no fluff boss of business building. In just over three short years she went from secretary to surpassing the seven-figure mark herself and she coaches, consults, and teaches entrepreneurs how to build their own seven figure businesses at lightening speed and more than over 30,000 women are enrolled in her wealth and business building programs.

She is a powerhouse and I know you’ll enjoy this wholehearted conversation!

Listen to the audio below >>


Angela Raspass

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter? That's the question Angela helps you explore & answer with self-belief & inspired action with her personal & business expansion programs.
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