The Summer Audio Series – Christine Kloser

Every one of us has been put on this planet to become who we were born too – to live and work on purpose. Yet, too often we can get lost along the way. We get tripped up. Sidetracked. Distracted. Responsibilities take us away from the things that captivate us. Challenges stop us in our tracks. Our self-belief wavers… doubt kicks in. The obstacles to our goals or dreams seem to large and sometimes we simply choose to put our desires away, out of sight, out of mind for awhile.

Christine Kloser knows exactly what it is like to overcome significant obstacles in business and life and she has “at-the-coalface” wisdom to share with you if you are on the edge of your own Next Chapter and are feeling that it is just a little too hard…

In this interview from the 2014 Wholehearted Success Summit Christine and I discussed:

• Discovering your soul’s true purpose and message
• Gaining clarity on your best next step
• Eliminating the stress of comparison
• Accessing an infinite source of creativity and inspiration

And much more. It was one of the most open hearted conversations I’ve had

In case you have not met her before, Christine Kloser is “The Transformation Catalyst” and she powerfully combines spiritual guidance and intuition with nuts-and-bolts writing, publishing and marketing expertise. The result is a global movement of authors who unleash their authentic voice, share their message on the pages of a book and make a difference in the world.

Christine is trusted and celebrated by aspiring authors and publishing industry experts around the world for her down to earth, authentic and inspiring approach and is the recognised leader of the transformational author movement.

You can read more about her work here.

Take some time out and listen to our conversation below >>


Angela Raspass

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