The magic of A/B Scheduling for Productivity & Planning

I shared this FB Live in my Next Chapter Facebook Group last week after a member of my Business Mastermind mentioned how it was transforming her business – helping her to clear the decks so she could work ON her biz not just IN it. I’ve since chatted with several people about it and realised, it really is a simple change that has a huge, positive ripple effect, so I want to share it with you too!

So, here you go, a short overview of the A/B Week Scheduling Secret that transforms your business and you!

I’d love to know if this approach proves helpful to you as well – you can let me know by sending me an email to [email protected]






Angela Raspass

Business Mentor, Author and Founder of the Centre for Self Worth, Angela blends strategy & self-worth to support business owners & leaders develop sustainable, impactful & fulfilling visions. What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?