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Hey, you’re extraordinary!

I just came back to my desk after a beautiful weekend away at a Spiritual Retreat in Jamberoo. It was a serene place to…

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Are you an entrepreneurial chameleon?

When I meet you at a networking event who do I see? When I visit your blog who do I feel? When I receive…

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daily affirmations

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt Do you always feel totally on top of the world, ready to slay the demons of doubt as…

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parked car

Taking action to grow your business

Today I’d like to share 3 tips with you that spring from a really important concept that will save you time and money as…

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lizard woman

What to do when your brain is hijacked by fear

The amygdala is an almond-shape set of neurons located deep in your brain’s medial temporal lobe. It’s part of your limbic system. Medical research…

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Prioritising with love

It was my birthday in the weekend and Sydney turned on spectacularly bad weather for the occasion. And that was absolutely perfect, as it…

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How to ditch resentment in 3 steps!

As women, we often seem pre-programmed to take care of everyone and everything. Call it evolution, socialisation or habit, the fact remains that we…

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A is for autopilot and awakenings….

“The Energy Of The Mind Is The Essence Of Life. Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom.” – Aristotle A is for Autopilot.…

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Letting go of the past and rewriting your future

I’ve been thinking a fair bit lately about the power of letting go of the past because of the influence it can have over…

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