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Bouncing back in Your Second Act

How to bounce back from disappointment in business

Last week delivered a challenging moment for me. You know that sinking, dragging feeling that hits you in the pit of your stomach when…

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Have you lost your anchor?

We all have them. Days when we feel adrift. Floating, or even flailing. When self-doubt trumps vision and possibilities. When you feel small and…

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upward spiral

The upward spiral of personal evolution

I have just finished my fortnightly call with my Mindset Mentor and I always leave these calls with such heightened levels of awareness and…

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Is your “not good enough” belief hurting you?

I had an enlightening session with my Mindset Coach this morning. I was bemoaning the fact that there seem to be so many layers…

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Choosing your mindset – is it possible?

The further in I travel in my business and life, the more I realise the value of being able to master your mindset. What…

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Are you an entrepreneurial chameleon?

When I meet you at a networking event who do I see? When I visit your blog who do I feel? When I receive…

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in betweener days

In praise of ordinary days

Three cheers for the Inbetweener days. If you are like many women, you probably have frequent forays into the BIG THREE as I call…

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daily affirmations

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt Do you always feel totally on top of the world, ready to slay the demons of doubt as…

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You can’t see the spot you are standing on

I’ve been in marketing and sales forEVER. Or thats what it feels like anyway! And since those skills are at the core of what…

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