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How can I achieve my goals? Angela Raspass Your Next Chapter

How can you increase the likelihood of achieving your business and life goals?  

We’re in the first months of a whole new decade, not just a whole new year, and you may have created some big goals…

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How do I build my confidence in business?

How can you easily increase your business confidence?

A simple and powerful confidence enhancing project is to build a Fabulous File. What is it? It’s a physical file that examples of your…

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The 3 components of Aligned Marketing

Last week I drove down to Canberra to host a Next Chapter Salon Dinner. I started holding these dinners in Sydney during the second…

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5 insights to make the most of attending a live event

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to spend a fair bit of time hunkered down behind your computer screen, tapping away as you work…

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learn from my mistake

Learning from my mistakes in business

Being an entrepreneur can be a painful business sometimes. It’s often a steep learning curve and we find ourselves building the runway as we taxi down…

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not ayers rock

I had to eat my words today – an important lesson

My family and I are in the midst of our Outback Adventure right now. We’ve just arrived at Ayers Rock after a 2800km journey…

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harvest your past for clarity and confidence in your second act

The Journey Board Series – Harvest your past for clarity and confidence

Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it or, learn from it. – The Lion King Your past is…

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The real truth about stepping into your second act

The truth about new directions in business

Ok, so let’s get real. There is a big gap between imagining and dreaming about making a significant change in your business and life…

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Your zone of genius in the eye of the storm

  Have you ever found yourself in the eye of the storm with a fiercely beating heart, thinking or feeling you are about to…

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