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Next Chapter Business Pruning with Angela Raspass

Business pruning, planting and fertilising

As we journey through our life we grow and change and expand. We let go of old ideas, habits and beliefs that we’ve come…

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Connecting, creating and consuming in your business

Do you sometimes feel a wee bit overwhelmed by all of the actions you could take, the marketing you could develop, the strategies you…

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Client Pathways rather than Sales Funnels

Automate your business with sales funnels

How many of your relationships with your favourite online personalities started with social media but soon progressed to your inbox? Ever feel like you…

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The what and why of a Business Mastermind

A while ago I recognised something about myself. Although I’m a person who can often make a decision, focus and gets things done, I’m…

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The-secret-tool-for-business planning success

Do you use this secret business planning technique?

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a Virtual Planning Workshop for seven wholehearted women, sharing my favourite “tried and tested” tools that I…

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The quiet certainty of self-worth

If you often talk to yourself, you are in very good company. Your inner dialogue hosts some of the most important conversations you can…

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Pause and get present in your second act with angela raspass

The Journey Board Series – Pause and give yourself the gift of presence

Wherever you are, be all there. – Jim Elliot Have you driven to a destination and, when you got there, you couldn’t actually recall…

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progressive plan

What is a Progressive Engagement Plan?

Planning is a vitally important part of being a business owner. It’s a transformational approach to designing the business model that will save you…

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Business Lessons from a New Zealand Farmer

As I write this post I am still on holiday, sitting at my Dad’s farm in Waiuku (that’s about an hour south of Auckland…

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