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Using a Word Path to navigate your business year

Use a Word Path to navigate your business year

Have you ever heard of a Word Path? Neither had I until I created the concept earlier this week. In essence, a Word Path…

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What changes will you make in your business for 2022?

What a year. I say that and it’s not even over yet! But having celebrated “Freedom Day” here in Sydney a short time ago,…

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How do you deal with FOMO in your business?

How do we deal with FOMO in business?

Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong room, physically, or figuratively, and stayed there, even though your intuition was telling you,…

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Make sure your clients are seen, heard and understood

The importance being seen, heard and understood

I hired a Wellness coach last week. We’ve just had our first session together and I want to share some key insights that may…

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How to create your Purpose, Vision and Mission Statements as a solopreneur | Angela Raspass

How the cascade from purpose, to vision and mission energises you and your business

Late last year, I started feeling a little bit disconnected from my work.  I was losing a deep sense of purpose and my vision…

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How can I achieve my goals? Angela Raspass Your Next Chapter

How can you increase the likelihood of achieving your business and life goals?  

We’re in the first months of a whole new decade, not just a whole new year, and you may have created some big goals…

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The power business planning and pre-commitment

The power of pre-commitment

I’d like to introduce you to a concept called pre-commitment, which will make an enormous difference to your ability to get the things done…

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Your Business Model

What’s the role of your business in your life?

Almost every morning, I start my day with a meditation from The Daily Calm and a short journaling exercise before my household stirs. I…

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The secret: Stress + Rest = Growth

There’s been a lot going on in my world at the moment. I’ve been juggling roles – Carer, as my husband was back in…

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