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is this what's holding you back (1)

This might be what’s getting in your way

Impact. Abundance. Fulfilment. These are just some of the pleasures and promises of the entrepreneurial world. And working for yourself does have the potential…

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Choosing your mindset – is it possible?

The further in I travel in my business and life, the more I realise the value of being able to master your mindset. What…

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The silver bullet of business success

“IF YOU’D LIKE TO HAVE A $100,000 MARKETING FUNNEL IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS CLICK HERE!” This was the headline on an ad I…

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daily affirmations

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt Do you always feel totally on top of the world, ready to slay the demons of doubt as…

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You can’t see the spot you are standing on

I’ve been in marketing and sales forEVER. Or thats what it feels like anyway! And since those skills are at the core of what…

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parked car

Taking action to grow your business

Today I’d like to share 3 tips with you that spring from a really important concept that will save you time and money as…

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lizard woman

What to do when your brain is hijacked by fear

The amygdala is an almond-shape set of neurons located deep in your brain’s medial temporal lobe. It’s part of your limbic system. Medical research…

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They are not a different species of entrepreneur!

It was with the cliched “bright eyes and bushy tail” that I went off to the US with two of my best buddies and…

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5 tips for building self-worth with empathy

Empathy plays a key role in building self-worth Brene Brown is a powerful influencer on my life and my work. When I read her…

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