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The secret: Stress + Rest = Growth

There’s been a lot going on in my world at the moment. I’ve been juggling roles – Carer, as my husband was back in…

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Personal growth

Reverse Gap your business growth

“When I look at this sofa, at what I’ve made, I’m thinking like wooahhhh, that’s amazing! I mean when I started on this show,…

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How to stop comparing yourself to others

Six steps to escape The Comparison Trap

Imagine if crowds of people pressed their noses right up against the windows of your home every day. Imagine if they came straight through…

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Reflecting on 2016 and planning 2017

Reflecting on the year that has been and looking forward to the next

It’s that time of the year isn’t it? Amidst the hustle and bustle and joy of Christmas and the promise, for many of us,…

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Celebrating a new life of sobriety in my Next Chapter

I’ve just reached a significant personal milestone, a Next Chapter for me, and I feel elated and very, very grateful. I’m celebrating 10 continuous…

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The what and why of a Business Mastermind

A while ago I recognised something about myself. Although I’m a person who can often make a decision, focus and gets things done, I’m…

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5 insights to make the most of attending a live event

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to spend a fair bit of time hunkered down behind your computer screen, tapping away as you work…

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your value as an entrepreneur

Value your impact

Do you ever wonder, as you work away each and every day, what impact you might be having? What difference you may be making?…

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learn from my mistake

Learning from my mistakes in business

Being an entrepreneur can be a painful business sometimes. It’s often a steep learning curve and we find ourselves building the runway as we taxi down…

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