How do you find clarity for your ideas in business_ Book a Strategy Session with Angela Raspass Next Chapter Business mentor


That's something I specialise in

Creating and growing your own business can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially now when you're in Your Next Chapter, focused on making a contribution and a difference, doing what you love and being financially rewarded for the value you bring to the world.

But sometimes you need to pause and regroup, taking time to develop the next steps.

A pause is often needed when unexpected change or a new opportunity has been thrust upon you, and it demands that you respond quickly, yet thoughtfully.

That's where I can help. Together we can:

  • Understand where you are right now
  • Uncover and prioritise the opportunities you might not yet see
  • Find and close the gaps that you may have missed
  • Develop a clear plan that covers Immediate, Short and Long Term actions to take.

A Strategy Session offers the chance to pause, breathe, regroup and begin to think laterally and creatively.

Pivot your business during COVID 19 with a Strategy Session with Angela Raspass

Let’s create a new map together

Without a clear vision, structure, and message it’s really hard to chart your direction. You may not have a shortage of ideas - the women I work with seldom do, but you may have a lack of clarity which stops you from taking action.

The women I work with tell me that they value my ability to quickly see the big picture and ask the right questions that lead to clarity. I give their fledgeling ideas shape and form and we develop a simple, clear action plan. Add to that my focus on helping you to anchor into your value with calm confidence, and we have a dynamic combination.

I'll meet you exactly where you are at with a completely personalised session.

Here are some examples of what we might focus on:

  • The positioning and pricing of your key services, packages or programs
  • Your marketing and messaging – how is it working for you?
  • Sales Conversations - are you satisfied with the quality and quantity of your calls?
  • Developing your Differentiation Model - both the steps involved and a Visual Model
  • How you may want to completely change what you do and what that may look like
  • Your desire to escape from your Corporate role and set out a consultancy or other new business
  • Your Niche and Most Aligned Client/s - are there new segments to work with now? Have new needs emerged that you can meet?

We'll isolate your key areas of focus during our initial chat and through your background questionnaire.


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How does a Next Chapter Strategy Session work?

Once you've decided to move forward and tap into my help, these are the steps involved:

  • We'll connect and have a brief chat about your situation and find a time in my diary that works for us both
  • You'll then complete a background questionnaire about you, your challenges and goals so I can understand what we're working with before your session
  • An invoice will be emailed to you once you're all booked in that can be settled through Paypal or by direct debit to my business account
  • We’ll then spend 90mins together on ZOOM - the session will be recorded for you to refer back too
  • Every note I take and diagram I create is yours to take away
  • You will have email access to me for any questions you have for 2 weeks after your Strategy Session

Your Investment?

 $595 AUD (plus GST if you are an Australian Resident)


Click on the Enquire Now button and I'll be quickly back in touch to arrange a time for us to meet.

What's it like to work with me in a Strategy Session?

Moira Guthrie



I have spent years thinking about many business ideas and researching them, much time getting lost on which way to go and never doing anything. What was achieved in my first session with Angela was life-changing and invaluable.




I was simply blown away by the depth of understanding both on a professional but also soulful level that Angela brings to the table. It’s a balanced mix which delivers the results.





I invested in a session with Angela as I needed to really put some strategy around creating the next level of my business. I needed someone who understand the woo world I work in but could ground my work in some good solid feedback that I could go away and action.

I had to check you out first and for a while, I wanted to know and really feel that you are genuine in your support and would be there, a solid support. ( I have been hurt in the past by empty promises). So, I gave my decision time and I have been fully rewarded for it: you are very true to what you talk about, what you offer and you deliver it in a very beautiful and open way. It is a pleasure to know you and has been a great pleasure to work with you. I am very sure there will be future work in more depth together.

Carolyn Tate





I’ve specialised in the field of purpose for many years. I was at a loss as to what to do with all the knowledge, content and processes I’d created, unsure of their worth and how to package and price them for the business world.




My focus is sharpened, the mission of the business can be so much more easily communicated and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. Without that “fresh eyes” perspective from Angela, it wouldn’t have been possible to compile my very own system. Who knew we could have achieved so much growth in 90 minutes!

Michelle Fragias


I invested in a Strategy Session because I needed clarity and direction on my big blue-sky vision of The Vitality Movement – I had too many ideas and wasn’t sure which ones to pursue. Now I have never been more focused and clear!

Karen Porter


Karen Porter Underground Communications

After one 90 minute session I have real clarity on what it is that we actually offer our clients and how I might present that to them and real actions that I can take RIGHT NOW that will provide immediate results in my business!

Justine Whitfield



Thank you Angela, for your amazing session, guidance, clarity and your vibrancy. It was so lovely to work with someone so inspiring, intuitive and on the same page! I came to Angela for much-needed needed clarity and direction around my business, because what I was doing was just not working - crazy hours for little financial reward.

Lara Ledsham


I found Angela at a time where I was feeling uncertain about my future and very blocked, I’d reached the point of desperation but now I’m crystal clear on my next chapter and how to ease into it rather than being a fool that rushes in!

Theunie Wiid

We had reached a point in our business where I knew that we needed help with refreshing our branding and marketing strategies. I had approached a few consultants but had concerns about the generally prescriptive approach they all seem to take. I was not confident that I was being listened to in terms of what I wanted to achieve and felt like I might be subjected to a cookie cutter marketing solution. But then there was Angela….



Angela gave me 90 minutes of positivity – she was so very thorough, giving me concrete steps that I can take action on to make my business grow, without it taking over every waking moment. I definitely recommend her!

Maria Davis



I've worked with Angela before - she is super gifted and talented and I wanted to tap into her genius again. She just lights the path forward and provides such clarity and this gives me gives me the peace of mind I need as an entrepreneur.

Emma Grey

Audrey Thomas

"Sitting down with Angela for mentoring about business ideas is an exercise in gaining much-needed clarity. It's not just the questions she asks, which are always thought-provoking, it's the different way that she looks at the situation. By layering her years of marketing and business experience on top of the ideas we already have, we're able to see our situation clearly, and apply a different way of thinking as we develop it further.

Angela is knowledgeable, approachable, business-savvy and imaginative. We're delighted to have her guidance"


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