Sometimes all you need is fresh perspective...

Growing a business can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially now that you're in Your Next Chapter and focusing on making a contribution and a difference, doing what you love.

But the women I work with and support also tell me it can also be frustrating, lonely and overwhelming, and this how they often feel:

  • You’re not short on ideas for your fact, you might even have a case of what I call ‘Popcorn Brain”, with dozens of them, all clamouring for attention.
  • The plethora of marketing options that you are exposed to everyday add to this feeling of overwhelm and limitless options. You’re constantly wondering what are the best strategies for you and your business? How should you structure it all?
  • You feel you generally know what you do, what it is that you offer, but articulating it in a clear and succinct way is a challenge.
  • You’ve possibly even secured clients, but not consistently. It feels hit and miss, a little haphazard to say the least.
  • Perhaps you fall into the Comparison Trap? Looking at other people’s businesses, initially just for inspiration, but then doubt creeps in….
  • You know you need focus because you’re tired of constantly questioning if what you’re doing is even on the right track. You’re probably a little disillusioned.

Invest just 90 minutes with me and I guarantee you’ll walk away with clarity, renewed enthusiasm, and a succinct plan for your business growth.


I invested in a Strategy Session because I needed clarity and direction on my big blue-sky vision of The Vitality Movement – I had too many ideas and wasn’t sure which ones to pursue. Now I have never been more focused and clear!

Karen Porter



After one 90 minute session I have real clarity on what it is that we actually offer our clients and how I might present that to them and real actions that I can take RIGHT NOW that will provide immediate results in my business!

Justine Whitfield



Thank you Angela, for your amazing session, guidance, clarity and your vibrancy. It was so lovely to work with someone so inspiring, intuitive and on the same page! I came to Angela for much-needed needed clarity and direction around my business, because what I was doing was just not working - crazy hours for little financial reward.

Let’s get to the heart of your business.

Without a clear vision, structure, and message it’s really hard to chart your business direction.

Without a simple plan, a community and list-building approach and consistent ways to attract leads and generate cash flow, your business cannot grow.

You'll find yourself going in circles, taking lots of action, but not gaining the traction and results you want. And I know that's debilitating. It drains your energy, enthusiasm, and your self-belief.

But once you do have these essential ingredients clear, once you've  the business puzzle begins to assemble itself and you can focus, flow and gradually grow.

In your Strategy Session we can dig down into...

  • Your Niche and Most Aligned Client/s - you need to join the conversation that’s going on in their head so you meet them exactly where they are with a distinct solution
  • Your Captivating Message that will resonate deeply with your audience and ensure they see you as the unique Bridge from where they are to where they want to be
  • Your core services, packages or programs and how to position and price these into an Offer Staircase
  • Your Marketing Megaphone and Support Acts – the "lead generation pipelines" that will attract new clients and generate cashflow for you

After the Strategy Session you’ll also have access to two key resources to support your success.

Business Planning Workshop



A 90-day approach to planning keep you focused and in flow and this valuable training includes 4 video workshops, The Cascade Plan and Weekly Planner templates and several other key tools and concepts for effective planning, action and momentum



Need an extra boost of ideas and strategies to attract new clients? Here's 21 proven ideas to help you stimulate new business more quickly. Although I do believe in building a sustainable business through long-term relationships with clients rather than short-term transactions with customers, I also appreciate the need to boost your cashflow at times and these tips and tactics can help you to prioritise the actions that can help attract new clients quickly.

21 Lead Lead Generation Ideas

How does a Next Chapter Strategy Session work?

  • You schedule your session through this link where you will also see a second link to complete your pre-session questionnaire at least 24 hours before your session so I have a good overview of you and your business before we meet.
  • You’ll then receive an invoice that you can settle through Paypal or Direct Deposit that must be settled before your Strategy Session
  • We’ll then spend 90mins together on ZOOM, a fabulous Video Conference Platform digging into the Big Picture of your business and finding those gaps to close.
  • After our session I'll send you the recording of your session and a succinct summary of the main points we’ve explored for you to take action on and access to the Planning Workshop so you can create a clear plan to move forward with.

The clarity and confidence you walk away with from this session will delight you and your future clients.

Your Investment? Just $495 AUD (plus GST if you are an Australian Resident)

Emma Grey

Audrey Thomas

"Sitting down with Angela for mentoring about business ideas is an exercise in gaining much-needed clarity. It's not just the questions she asks, which are always thought-provoking, it's the different way that she looks at the situation. By layering her years of marketing and business experience on top of the ideas we already have, we're able to see our situation clearly, and apply a different way of thinking as we develop it further.

Angela is knowledgeable, approachable, business-savvy and imaginative. We're delighted to have her guidance"

Lara Ledsham


I found Angela at a time where I was feeling uncertain about my future and very blocked, I’d reached the point of desperation but now I’m crystal clear on my next chapter and how to ease into it rather than being a fool that rushes in!


Just click the button to book your Strategy Session time on my calendar - you will also be prompted to complete a short background questionnaire so I can understand more about you and your business, where you are now and where you'd like to be so I can can begin to form new ideas  even before we meet.

Theunie Wiid

We had reached a point in our business where I knew that we needed help with refreshing our branding and marketing strategies. I had approached a few consultants but had concerns about the generally prescriptive approach they all seem to take. I was not confident that I was being listened to in terms of what I wanted to achieve and felt like I might be subjected to a cookie cutter marketing solution. But then there was Angela….



Angela gave me 90 minutes of positivity – she was so very thorough, giving me concrete steps that I can take action on to make my business grow, without it taking over every waking moment. I definitely recommend her!

Maria Davis



I've worked with Angela before - she is super gifted and talented and I wanted to tap into her genius again. She just lights the path forward and provides such clarity and this gives me gives me the peace of mind I need as an entrepreneur.

Amanda Lecaude


amanda lecaude

Angela and I actually crossed paths two years before we began working together at a conference where Angela was a guest speaker. At that time I really liked her approach and felt we had a lot in common both having marketing backgrounds. I kept in touch and eventually had the opportunity to have a brief chat to Angela about my business and what seemed to be keeping me from moving forward. The session we had together was so worthwhile...

Kerry Jeffrey


Kerry Jeffery - Love Transforms

A very fresh pair of eyes that saw through my blind spots followed by clear, concise and actionable steps and advice. That’s what I experienced when I worked with Angela.

I love Angela’s supportive and honest, no nonsense, approach and her totally different and fresh viewpoint of where and more importantly, why I was not moving forward in a positive way with my business. 

Sugandha Bhargava


sugandhaAngela was amazing - she has this knack of honing down with super clarity on the problem and coming up with ideas and approaches that I had not even thought about. Within minutes she had allayed my fears and answered all of my questions in her honest and straightforward nature.

She was incredibly generous with her time, advice and resources - sharing with me the tools and templates she uses. I was actually astounded and not only she has saved me so much time and effort, but also given me the push to make it happen. 


Sarah Caphorn


test_sarahI was so nervous to approach a “proper business coach” but I knew that I needed someone to talk to and get out of my own head. I’d over-read the internet and was swimming in articles, blog posts and PDF e-books.

There was no should-ing or rules to follow; it was completely tailored to who I was as a person and how I wanted my business to work for me. It was exactly what I needed! I’m now back feeling inspired and full of zest for my business again with a clear plan of attack for the rest of the year – and all in one phone call!


Andrea Glazier


andreatestimonialI sold 2 of my new packages within 24 hours of our first session together! I’m sitting here today going through my new biz plan on top of the world! After you left I implemented your offering ideas STRAIGHTAWAY and got an IMMEDIATE SALE! 

I had heard of Angela’s superpowers of clarity and that’s just what I needed. 

heart 3



If at the end of our time together, you truly don’t feel that you have received enormous benefit from this session, you will receive a full refund, instantly. I’m that confident!


Just click the button to book your Strategy Session today.