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Meet Tricia Copeland

With a career start as a microbiologist, Tricia now spends most daylight hours as a patent consultant with a favourite hobby of fiction writing! Her work spans the dystopian, fantasy, paranormal, and romance genres with characters who portray bravery in the face of turmoil.

Tell us a little about yourself – where are you from and who and what is important in your life?

I grew up in Georgia and went to college in Atlanta. My husband and I moved north to Pennsylvania to pursue my dream job in biotech research. After nine years in the Philadelphia area we were ready for a more fulfilling work/life balance. After visiting Boulder and Estes Park for a friend’s wedding, we decided Colorado was the place for us. My family enjoys mountain biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, and running.

We all have previous chapters in our stories – Tell us about your working life/business experiences before now?

I started my career as a research scientist at a Fortune 100 chemical company. After working in that position I realised I wanted to do more and explored business groups including recruiting and marketing. Ultimately I found my passion in the patent world. After moving to Colorado I started my own patent consulting business and help independent inventors, a small startup, as well as mid-size companies secure their intellectual property.

In my break from my career when I was home with my kids I also began fiction writing. I’ve grown my writing business to thirteen titles from coming of age, to paranormal and fantasy, as well as dystopian stories. I believe that magic surrounds us in the form of technology, creativity, and human connections and aim to create characters and plots the inspire readers to believe in and create their own magic.

Please provide a snapshot of your business

Superior Patent Group serves clients from independent inventors and startups, to mid to larger companies who need assistance with patent searches, application drafting, and prosecution with the USPTO. I help clients decide which form of intellectual property (IP) is right for them and work with them to pursue their IP goals. As an indie author I write, publish, and market my own novels, connecting through social media and events with readers.

Assuming you are now in “Your Next Chapter”, what led you here? Tell us about your purpose, your why, the difference you want to make, who you are called to serve?

I love helping clients reach their business goals. Striving to provide value and the right service and products is my aim.

In my publishing business, I hope to share a snippet of inspiration, encouragement, as well as entertainment in my works. As a young woman, I suffered from anorexia. There were many who played a part in my recovery and I hope to give back to those who share similar journeys.

What did you find most challenging about getting started/moving in a new direction?

My biggest challenge has been being a business that markets and sells. With a background in science, and with a somewhat introverted personality, that skill doesn’t come naturally. I challenge myself daily to connect with new people to broaden my reach beyond my current bubble.

What have you found most fulfilling?

I’ve found that making the effort to meet new people gives back to me fivefold. The relationships I have and the things I’ve learned through both of my businesses are invaluable.

Have you experienced self-doubt? What causes it to flare and how do you work through it when it hits?

Self-doubt creeps in for me on a regular basis. My best defence against these lapses in thinking is to remember a time when I’ve achieved a goal, took an action and had a positive response, or had a successful outcome for my client.

How do you feel you have grown since you started?

I am much more confident in my skills and value. I don’t shy away from meeting new people and finding new ways to engage a network.

What has been most effective for you when it comes to sharing your message and attracting clients?

Connecting with others through referrals from those who have worked with me and known my work is my biggest resource for creating new business. Meeting with people in technology industries and having them see the value service I can provide helps grow my network of contacts.

Have you developed any particular habits/strategies that facilitate getting things done in your business?

I am a doer. I plan out my tasks according to do date and tackle the next one on the list. It seems that the menial tasks tend to be those I leave for Friday mornings. I know they have to be done that week and I just knock them out. Often they aren’t as daunting as I felt they would be.

Why do you feel women in the 40’s and beyond make fabulous entrepreneurs?

I think women in their 40s tend to have a great sense of self, purpose, confidence and drive.

What would you say to other women who are standing on the edge of their own Next Chapter, not sure if they can take the leap?

I say make a plan and take the leap, but also have a support team that can round out your skills. If you’re not a marketing person, find one or take a course, if you’re not an accountant, hire that out. This enables you to focus your time and what you do best so you don’t get burned out and over-taxed.

What’s next for you? Share your vision with us!

I’m excited about ramping up my patent business to help clients on a full-time basis as my kids get older. This year I will celebrate many milestones, turning 50, a 25th wedding anniversary, and a 5-year publishing anniversary, so I’m taking every moment to revel in how far I’ve come.


When I’m facing a something new and challenging I…
Keep my chin up, learn all I can, and take it on one step at a time.

I know my greatest strengths are…

Organisation, getting work done, and quality products

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…

Sometimes all you have to do is show up.

One of my favourite books is…

Where do I start? If we’re talking nonfiction, I was highly impressed with Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

My favourite Podcasts are…

Oprah, Lead to Win, The School of Greatness

My favourite business tool or resource is…

Networking, industry blogs & podcasts

My favourite quote is…

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Nelson Mandela.

Not many people know that I…

I’m a closet vampire fanatic.


You can connect with Tricia here.

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