Kenda MacDonald – overcome imposter syndrome by anchoring in expertise

Meet Kenda MacDonald

I am originally from South Africa and moved to the UK in 2009. My three cats are my absolute world and they make my house a home! I love being outdoors and spent years as a scout leader.

My vegetable garden is my pride and joy but I also enjoy open water swimming and foraging in the woods!

What business are you currently running?

I run a marketing automation agency that is driven by my behaviourally intelligent methodology.

Assuming you are now in “Your Next Chapter”, what led you here? Was there an internal discontent or an external issue you felt strongly about that prompted a change in direction?

I was originally pushed in this direction when my employment ended due to the business folding. I started Automation Ninjas with the view to combine my knowledge of marketing automation and buyer psychology.

6 years later I have spoken at international conferences, published a best-selling book, and run a successful membership. There is so much I still hope to achieve within the business and thanks to the pandemic was forced to pivot to offer resources to help small businesses which ultimately conceived the membership as it is now
but every challenge has forced growth in my business which is exciting!

What did you find most challenging about getting started/moving in a new direction?

The concerns about my team’s livelihoods. Like many businesses we lost clients to COVID-19 and when the income slowed we were at a loss at what to do without losing employees.

There was a period of forceful growth which was uncomfortable and hard on all of us as we tried to deliver a 13-week free webinar series to over a helping hand to other business owners.Once we forged through that we established the membership which was worth the pain!

What have you found most fulfilling?

How flexible a business can be. Even in moments of success there is a call for transparency in flexibility and allowing the business to flow like a river as opposed to standing like a mountain has been constantly invigorating and fulfilling.

It brings fresh challenges and the overall success thrives because of it.

Have you experienced self-doubt? What causes it to flare and how do you work through it when it hits?

I suffer majorly from imposter syndrome. My business is built on intellectual property and I often struggle with that positioning as an expert.

I work through it by reminding myself of the success stories. The client’s wins, their profits, their achievements. Thanks to this I can stabilise and get back to work!

How do you feel you have grown since you started?

I am passionate about combining buyer psychology and marketing automation, I’m an expert in strategy.

Running a business has been a whole new experience for me. Running a business that is 100% remote has its challenging and growing into my role as a business leader has been such an empowering experience.

Have you developed any particular habits/strategies that facilitate getting things done in your business?

I tend to try and keep days clear of calls so I can focus on content creation or client work. I like to have my calls in the morning when I am fresh but this isn’t always possible due to the demands of the business.

I have a two-hour lunch each day to go for a walk and clear my mind so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Why do you feel women in the 40’s and beyond make fabulous entrepreneurs?

I think women are strong multitaskers and that this skill develops with age.

As we get more confident in our abilities we become less concerned with keeping up with the Jones’s and more centered on what WE need to achieve in order to hit certain goals.

What would you say to other women who are standing on the edge of their own Next Chapter, not sure if they can take the leap?

I guarantee you can do it. With a strong plan of action and the willingness to really put the work in.

The world has changed in a way that means we have so many more opportunities thanks to globalisation and there is no one standing in your way but your own thoughts!

What’s next for you? Share your vision with us!

I want to write another book first and foremost. Grow the membership so it is autonomous and thriving.

Build my team. Expand our goals to include more content and have an exclusive list of clients.

When I’m facing something new and challenging I…
get excited!


I know my greatest strengths are…
my work ethic, public speaking, and intellect


The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…
to push through the pain to feel the growth!


Some of my favourite books are…
they ask you answer and everybody writes


My favourite podcasts are…
Family business podcast


My favourite business tool or resource is…
my team


My favourite quote is…
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


Not many people know that I…
can knit!


You can connect with Kenda here.

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