Women taking action on their ideas

Do what you love in Your Next Chapter

We know the power of stories. They can be a bridge between our current reality and a new possibility. And we need them because sometimes taking the step into Your Next Chapter, starting a brand new business, or simply realigning the one you already have so it is a better reflection of the woman you have become, can be challenging.

Self-doubt and fear can kick in. Procrastination or perfectionism can keep you stuck. Comparison can unravel you and overwhelm can take over. You can feel you are the only one with these emotions and challenges, especially if you work alone.

But you're actually not alone at all. Women in their 40's and beyond represent one of the fastest-growing demographics of small business owners. As one of my storytellers, Jo Hanlon says:

"We're smart, have a good number of life skills, enjoy and value the sisterhood, have experienced a good amount of life - happiness/sorrow, loss/abundance and are genuinely into sharing and caring for each other. We're also very creative and capable - that's why we make such fabulous entrepreneurs!"

The stories shared here, from women just like you, are intended to provide you with inspiration, tangible examples of what's possible when you take action on your ideas...

Rachael Jansen – You can have it all and thrive in a complete life

Meet Rachael Jansen Rachael Jansen is a journalist and health coach who focuses on helping women who want to have it all AND thrive ...

Michelle Richmond – helping you to fly higher in the new world

Meet Michelle Richmond I was first introduced to Michelle by a good friend and colleague who encouraged me to go along to one of ...
Kara Lambert - Next Chapter Stories

Kara Lambert – Tears in the shower heralded a new beginning

Meet Kara Lambert When she realised that tears in the shower on a Saturday at the prospect of leaving her kids and going back ...
Tricia Copeland, Author, Next Chapter Story with Angela Raspass

Tricia Copeland – the magic of technology, creativity, and human connection

Meet Tricia Copeland With a career start as a microbiologist, Tricia now spends most daylight hours as a patent consultant with a favourite hobby ...

Kirana Haag – A transformational artist, channeling with a paintbrush

Meet Kirana Haag Kirana is a Transformational Artist, clairvoyant and clairsentient, a channel with a paintbrush. Painting for her is a physical and ethereal ...
Karin Weiser - Next Chapter Stories with Angela Raspass Business Coach

Karin Weiser – The courage to leave the corporate world and follow a new path

Meet Karin Weiser A storyteller at heart and an international business coach,  Karin is also yogi, fresh air advocate and a woman living with ...
Donna Thistlethwaite - Speaker - Next Chapter Stories with Angela Raspass

Donna Thistlethwaite – A powerful message about Mental Health

Meet Donna Thistlethwaite Donna's personal experience of a mental health crisis that led to a suicide attempt back in 2012 has led to her ...
Sarah Mane - Founder of Conscious Confidence for success

Sarah Mane – the wisdom of Sanskrit for true confidence and success

Meet Sarah Mane Sarah is the Founder of Conscious Confidence, using ancient Sanskrit wisdom to show people how to link to their inner Self ...
Jo Hanlon - Mind your p's

Jo Hanlon – Life is a Journey, not a destination!

Meet Jo Hanlon Jo lives in Lake Macquarie in New South Wales in Australia and is the trusted advisor for many business owners, working ...
Angela Philip - Queen of possible

Angela Philp – Helping women find their power and RISE

Meet Angela Philp A phenomenal Leadership Coach, creating adventures for women who want to improve their creativity in the face of challenge and deepen ...

Jodie Preiss – Creating powerful Collective Ripples

Meet Jodie Preiss Jodie is the Founder of Creative Ripples, and has a sweeping vision to positively influence and shape our self-perception by distributing ...