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Moments change lives. Moments inspire. Moments motivate. Moments connect people to possibility. Moments birth courage and leaps of faith.

A moment can be all you need to catapult you forward into a new beginning and many such moments arrive when you're listening to a story.

That's when a Next Chapter can begin

My primary purpose when I speak is to inspire and empower women to own their value, trust themselves and take the leap into consciously creating their Next Chapter businesses and lives.

My strength is in helping others to see just what is possible for them. I love it when people give themselves permission to listen to their intuition. To take inspired, aligned action and to back themselves, leap, and grow their wings on the way down.

My own Next Chapter has been a journey from self-doubt to self-belief, from high-functioning addiction to personal peace, and from growing a business that turned into a straitjacket to launching into a whole new business that aligns with my heart. It’s a journey that has been peppered with wildly varying highs and lows and I share with my audience with complete vulnerability, openness and honesty.


I’ve spoken at networking events, on Telesummits, at conferences and tradeshows and I host the Your Next Chapter Podcast which has over 90 episodes on iTunes. I’m most often described by clients and colleagues as wholehearted - energetic, inspiring, engaging and vibrant with an ability to break the big picture down into pieces of definitive possibility. A-ha moments are common!


After a corporate marketing and sales career, I launched my own marketing consultancy at the dining room table in 2004 with two small children underfoot. Since then, I’ve worked with a multitude of business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and teams.

My husband and I also own and run a national sailing franchise, so I have a very hands on understanding of what it takes to juggle myriad demands. This has finely honed my marketing and business development skills.

I also appreciate how you can reach a point in your business or life where you begin to question… Is this it?

Dissatisfaction, disillusionment and a desire for more can be matched by fear, a lack of confidence and sometimes a feeling of I’ve left it too late…

Angela Raspass Self-Leadership Mentor

Feedback on my presentations from event organisers and attendees are below

I share the steps you can take in stories of moving from:

  • Ambition to fulfilment
  • From should to could
  • From success to satisfaction
  • From obligation to contribution
  • From doubt and comparison to self-belief and purpose
  • From perhaps I can to yes, I know I can.

Core topics include:

  • The Next Chapter Model of Change - moving from deliberation to doing
  • The Business of Confidence - escaping the comparison trap
  • Wholehearted Marketing - the art of authentic connection


I'm the creator and host of the Your Next Chapter Podcast, with 104 interviews and solo shows to date and 27 five star reviews. I've also hosted my own Business Network, 15+ Business Retreats and many of my own workshops and events as well as having been invited to present, moderate and be interviewed in many places.

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Carren Smith


carrenThe best way to describe Angela on stage is charismatic, passionate, articulate, empowering and inspiring!!! What a force of brilliance she is when she speaks of women, our journey and creating life changing choices.

She is someone who walks her talk and the proof is in the incredible insights she is able to draw on at the drop of a hat. Light hearted and committed to transformation, Angela is certainly one of Australia’s more engaging and memorable speakers.

It is an honour to recommend her!

Jacqui Holth




At our last event we had Angela come along and join us and share her story and some of her golden tools to help empower women to move in the direction they desire.

Her manner was so incredibly warm and nurturing yet at the same time firm and honest. The perfect combination.

Karen Pethard


Karen-Pethard I had the pleasure of attending Angela's presentation at the Knox Grammar School about 2 years ago.

When the event was publicized I was immediately drawn to the initiative of empowering women in the community. Angela’s messages were simple, precise and empowering - I felt her presentation was directed right to me!

Ann Cook


Ann-cookThe presentation was just amazing. Angela spoke my language and her message was very loud and clear – marketing is not all about spending money.

The presentation was packed with information, tips and thought provoking ideas. I came away so energised - in just two short hours, I became determined to get out of my comfort zone and re-look at my business with fresh eyes.

Athena Rogers


AthenaWomen often don’t acknowledge their true value, even though they achieve so much and are the heart of our families. Here at Knox Grammar, we engaged Angela to deliver her ‘Your Wholehearted Life – stepping into emotional freedom” presentation as part of a philanthropic initiative to empower women within our school community.

Angela’s presentation was outstanding.

Helen Butler


HelenI had the privilege recently of hearing Angela speak at our Association Conference. Her presentation was so heartfelt and honest and she was able to connect with each person in the audience as if she was having a one-on-one conversation with them.

Angela’s Navigation Principles are what every business owner needs to hear and, when implemented, will make a huge difference to any business. I know that I have seen considerable improvement already! Angela’s generous sharing of other resources post-conference, was a complete surprise and was something I had not seen from other speakers with similar topics.

Fiona Jeffries


FionaI recently attended a Business in Heels Networking Event and had the great thrill of hearing Angela Raspass speaking about Whole Hearted Conversations and Making Peace with your Inner Critic.

Now before anyone thinks this is all tie died crushed velvet and patchouli incense, you must know that Angela has a solid and successful background in small business marketing so her talk is geared towards the small business owner or woman who is at a critical point in her life where she is asking “Is this it?”

Karen Morris


Karen-morrisAngela recently presented at my client’s business networking event and she inspired the women in the audience to really embrace clarity and purpose for their business.

Her presentation shifted their whole understanding of business and marketing, inspiring us with the idea of designing and promoting a wholehearted business model that serves and fulfils you as well as your clients.


Marianne Mullally


MarianneWithout a doubt your presentation was the highlight of the symposium and everyone, even the less adventurous in the group, had glowing praise for the ideas, motivation and call to action you introduced us to.

Your knowledge, understanding and empathy of not only small business but busy working mothers wearing many hats, enabled many participants to consider the marketing mix they currently use and how they could integrate some of your ideas into their business while being mindful of their financial and time restraints.

Claire Oxdale


Claire1Angela presented to the NSW Business Chamber members. Her presentation was so relevant and well received by all attendees.

She imparts her knowledge and enthusiasm in a clear and easy to follow style that gives participants the real “take home” ideas that they can immediately implement in their business.

Are you interested in booking me to present to your audience?

Thank you Angela! Your words resonate in a place deep within - loving walking this path of self discovery and self compassion.

- Liake

Inspiring, motivating, confirmation of my own perceptions. Coming here today has been a small step on my own journey to self discovery.

- Vanessa

Thank you! Wonderful, holistic approach with practical advice. So good to see you sharing the message at a local level. Thank you for sharing your story.

- Karen

I enjoyed your talk. Can feel your passion. Appreciate your honesty. Applaud your action.

- Kathy

I really enjoyed your talk. I was definitely meant to be here today.

- Sharon


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