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Success Stories - what it's like to work together




Angela’s profile and the work she focuses on to make the change in the world is impressive.




I went to Angela with 2 areas of uncertainty and she addressed both of them succinctly.

Moira Guthrie



I have spent years thinking about many business ideas and researching them, much time getting lost on which way to go and never doing anything. What was achieved in my first session with Angela was life-changing and invaluable.

Sophie Andrews




The whole experience was a day well worth spent – it is hard to find the blend of creative thinking and practical skills that Angela brings to the table.




I was simply blown away by the depth of understanding both on a professional but also soulful level that Angela brings to the table. It’s a balanced mix which delivers the results.




I invested in a session with Angela as I needed to really put some strategy around creating the next level of my business. I needed someone who understand the woo world I work in but could ground my work in some good solid feedback that I could go away and action.


I had to check you out first and for a while, I wanted to know and really feel that you are genuine in your support and would be there, a solid support. ( I have been hurt in the past by empty promises). So, I gave my decision time and I have been fully rewarded for it: you are very true to what you talk about, what you offer and you deliver it in a very beautiful and open way. It is a pleasure to know you and has been a great pleasure to work with you. I am very sure there will be future work in more depth together.

Mags Sheridan



I’d been following Angela Raspass for three years before we started working together. Her messages and her vibe resonated with me, and I felt like one of her people long before we’d spoken a word to each other. She encouraged me that there is a way to do business that fits with my personality.

Anita Gilbert




If you're anything like me and find it hard to ask for help or if you don't know who to ask, then you'll love being part of Angela's mastermind group.



I had a Breakthrough Session with Angela today and I was totally blown out of the water.

I have recently refined my niche and what I offer and then the overwhelm and confusion hit me.

Carolyn Tate

   Purpose Educator, Author, Speaker



I’ve specialised in the field of purpose for many years. I was at a loss as to what to do with all the knowledge, content and processes I’d created, unsure of their worth and how to package and price them for the business world.




My focus is sharpened, the mission of the business can be so much more easily communicated and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. Without that “fresh eyes” perspective from Angela, it wouldn’t have been possible to compile my very own system. Who knew we could have achieved so much growth in 90 minutes!

Wendy Kendall


angela negro


Angela is generous in spirit and in her considerable knowledge of what it takes to bring the business to life and grow it to maturity and beyond.

She is also the number one cheerleader of your success, and those successes start to mount rapidly after working with her.

Sarah Denholm Improve your public speaking



I hired Angela to get an expert outside perspective on my business and help me to refine and streamline my offerings. She's given me so much more than that!

Sarah Mane



Through Angela’s leadership and example, the Mastermind was a place of generosity, love, support and good humour. There was an abundance of new ideas, suggestions, useful critiquing and feedback that has been a game-changer for my business.

Inna Neal


Business Mastermind in Australia - Participant Inna Neal


The strategies and ideas that I received throughout the Mastermind I was able to put in place and am still putting in place have been exponential in the growth of my business.

I also received things that I didn’t expect. The support, the safe space, the compassion that I received from Angela and the amazing women in the mastermind (who are now my extended family) have been incredible.

Kara Lambert



In my first year in a Business Mastermind with Angela, I tripled my business.

From there I have streamlined my business, year on year, and developed key strategic partnerships. The clarity I have gained and confidence I have built have been invaluable.

I joined the Mastermind to grow my business and in the end I’ve also grown more as a person as well.

Sarah Gillis



I didn’t have any fixed ideas or goals when I started, but 12 months down the track I am astounded at what I have achieved!

I have unearthed dreams and goals that had been shelved for years and have implemented them! I have interacted with a giving and generous group of women who all care about each other’s successes and hurdles and who are willing to share wholeheartedly.

Kate Riordan


Sometimes building something new can be overwhelming and all seem to hard and unobtainable despite our best efforts. Having Angela on my support team made it seem possible. She dealt with every challenge that arose with such heartfelt, wise counsel - she came into my life at a time when I thought it might be all too hard.

And now, when I think how far I have come...I believe I can do it! So thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jo Hanlon


Jo HanlonThis Mastermind group is a small group of women with whom I have developed an intense relationship built on trust and care, I know them well and I feel they know me. That's very different from other networking groups which seem to exist with the sole purpose of getting bigger and brighter and I often feel are there to largely benefit the group “owner”.

This is based on a far longer lasting intense interaction where we show up warts and all and feel supported not judged.

Michelle Capper-Fay



I had an initial consultation, a "wholehearted conversation" with Angela, and it was so powerful, and so I knew the workshop would be very powerful and impactful - and it was.

Angela is a multi-dimensional coach, a creative explorer, an excavationist of ideas and potential and she goes straight to the core of the issue! I think she is so intuitive and keyed in at a whole other level beyond what is presented to her. I felt totally seen, totally heard, totally held and I would recommend this service, absolutely.


Karen Porter Underground Communications

I found myself in a position where I’d managed to grow my business, establish the beginnings of a brand, employed a team and had a pretty clear vision of where I wanted to take it next, but felt lacking in some skills and certainly lacking in support.

As a single Mum, I was the sole decision-maker at home and at the office, without having someone in my corner to cheer me on or bounce thoughts and ideas off.

Not anymore!


Melanie Curry




I am thrilled that my colleague and I made the decision to invite Angela to work with us around our vision of transitioning Davis Autism International into a charitable trust.

Chrissy Crust




The decision to join a Your Next Chapter Mastermind Group has been the right action at the right time, 100%! Starting with the Clarity Session, the privilege of working with Angela, her laser focus, visual mapping and generous advice left me quietly excited. Two months later and the excitement is not quiet anymore!

Sharleen Greer


sharleenAngela has helped me to catapult my business not only with her wealth of skills, but also in her ability to help me build my own confidence and belief in myself. I truly believe no-one can succeed if their self-worth is in tatters.

I have thrown my beliefs away around not being a sales and marketing person and now know I am and have always been a natural networker and connector. I am now constantly watching that I don’t over give, that I don’t rescue all my clients and I don’t devalue my work or myself by under charging.

Leanne O'Sullivan


Leanne O'Sullivan
I was looking for connection and direction to move my business forward when Angela spoke about the Diamond Mastermind with me and I had no hesitation at all about joining.

Caroline Wood


Caroline Wood



I had been following Angela for a while and was at a crossroads in my business when the opportunity for the retreat with Angela came up.

I knew I wanted to make a pivot in my business but was struggling to get clarity around what that pivot would look like and how to do the pivot in a planned way

Linley Cornish




I ‘awoke’ one morning with a deep sense of needing change; the business I had, whilst reasonably successful, was no longer invigorating, there was an absence of passion and alignment with what I love to do.

This is when my awareness of Angela was piqued, and her offering to challenge my current thinking, and to build a business and life that I have dreamed of.

Angela Negro


angela negro

I didn't expect the results to happen so quickly!

I very quickly earned back what I invested in my mentoring with Angela and I'm now attracting clients who are committed to and fully invested in their own results. Not only am I making more money, but I have more energy and time to dedicate to improving my programs and the value I offer to the clients I have.

Angela is exceptionally fun, supportive, professional, energetic, upbeat, motivating, inspiring, transparent and honest. Caring too 🙂 Amazing really!

Lara Ledsham




I found Angela at a time where I was feeling uncertain about my future and very blocked, I’d reached the point of desperation but now I’m crystal clear on my next chapter and how to ease into it rather than being a fool that rushes in!

Megan Holgate



I began my year in the best way possible, which was to undertake a Workshop with Angela.

She came highly recommended to me, yet not every recommendation has worked out as positive experience as my day with Angela.

Justine Whitfield



Thank you Angela, for your amazing session, guidance, clarity and your vibrancy. It was so lovely to work with someone so inspiring, intuitive and on the same page! I came to Angela for much-needed needed clarity and direction around my business, because what I was doing was just not working - crazy hours for little financial reward.


Melissa Healy


Melissa Healy

When I was looking for support I thought I just needed a sounding board for ideas and issues and help to prioritise and stay focused. I was initially concerned that perhaps a Mastermind wouldn’t be practical enough … I have attended enough seminars/read enough books etc – I believed I just needed practical help implementing!

It’s delivered that, absolutely, but so much more as well.

Maria Davis



I've worked with Angela before - she is super gifted and talented and I wanted to tap into her genius again.

She just lights the path forward and provides such clarity and this gives me gives me the peace of mind I need as an entrepreneur.

Lindsey Blondel


Lindsey Blondel

I got started with Your Journey Board which really struck a chord for me and an idea for a new business I had been tossing around in my head for a while pushed its way forward again.

I decided I would need a guide and Mentor to get anywhere with my business idea and I decided to take the plunge…

Tangible results are many! I have a real living business, with a website, with plans and products, a process for operating, cost structures, everything really!

Danielle Wright


business coaching client Danielle Wright

Any woman, regardless of a first-time entrepreneur or starting a new direction in business or revamping am old one, they all would benefit from working with you.  You have the goods for working strategically but from a place of wholeness, wellbeing, and heart. You talk and walk your business, exuding the wholehearted message you want other woman and their business to achieve. 

Maria Torres



I have been under Angela's wing for some years now and her mentoring means the world to me.

She has helped me to create my business, shape my services and she has also been my belief buddy since the very beginning, encouraging me to pursue my Next Chapter dreams and holding my hand all the way.

Theunie Wiid

We had reached a point in our business where I knew that we needed help with refreshing our branding and marketing strategies. I had approached a few consultants but had concerns about the generally prescriptive approach they all seem to take. I was not confident that I was being listened to in terms of what I wanted to achieve and felt like I might be subjected to a cookie cutter marketing solution. But then there was Angela….

Amanda Lecaude


amanda lecaude

Angela and I actually crossed paths two years before we began working together at a conference where Angela was a guest speaker. At that time I really liked her approach and felt we had a lot in common both having marketing backgrounds.

I kept in touch and eventually had the opportunity to have a brief chat to Angela about my business and what seemed to be keeping me from moving forward. The session we had together was so worthwhile...

Veronica Strachan


Veronica Strachan-0005 (533x800)


Before I started working with Angela, I was going round in circles, second guessing myself and my marketing strategy and feeling frustrated that despite running a successful business, I couldn’t get things sorted on my own!

After our one day session I could see the way forward much more clearly.

Linda Chaousis



I loved everything about the workshop with Angela! It gave me clarity, focus and practical tools to really set my year up for generating serious income.

Honestly every moment was pure gold for me and perfect timing. Yesterday I was at wit's end and almost tempted to 'pull the plug'.

Today reinvigorated me.

Ellenor Cox


Screenshot 2015-12-02 21.54.53

I loved the amazing content, content, content and the intimate group. The chunks were great and the breaks just the right length of time. And such generosity with the worksheets – I can now put a plan together that won't fail!

I feel really motivated to complete my plan now - the knowledge of not just plunging into the tasks but focusing on the tactics and strategies is invaluable and insights you shared with us like the trifecta goals idea, letting go of things off the list and the weekly planning sheet which starts with acknowledgements and achievements are just gold.

Larissa Halls



I knew I needed to block out the time for planning, otherwise I usually 'find something else, I need to be doing".

I loved the format of the day- how you explained each exercise and then gave us the practical time to get it done right then and there.

The group energy was great – it was so good to listen to the other ladies' input and ideas during the workshop and hearing where other people are at in their business and knowing you're not alone was a great benefit.

Gabrielle Bailey


test_gabI had been following Angela on line for about three months when I decided to sign up for a one-day workshop on developing and presenting a signature talk. Little did I know what was ACTUALLY going to happen!

By the end of the day I had a new title, a new sense of direction and a fear based motivation that if I was following my heart I needed to also get real and take action… and I adopted Angela a week later to mentor me.

Mandy Gyles


test_mandyI had reached a crossroads and decided to leave my secure job to venture out in my own business.

While I was confident that there would be an opportunity for my business to succeed, I was somewhat less confident in myself. 

I knew I had untapped potential but would be competing with a lot of consultants and I needed to set myself apart from them...

Nomiki Georgiadis


test_nomikisI have your guiding light shining my path right now. I’m pinching myself that I have gorgeous new clients and I’m eternally grateful that YOU came into my life as my mentor!

I’d come to a point in my business where I was ready for a mentor, because I was sick and tired of going it alone, without the strategic direction or input from anyone else other than myself. And I knew I was ready to break through to that next level I needed to be in, for my business to take wings.

Caroline Silk


Caroline Silk

I was feeling scattered about taking my business forward. I knew I needed steps/strategies to plan for 2016 and the workshop provided strong direction. I know I would have got there eventually but I no longer wanted to waste time so your tools ensure that doesn't happen! Now I just have to make the time and do the planning!

I loved the ease of operation of a Virtual Workshop, the small size of the group and the systems and strategies you provided. You were clear, concise and present extremely well. You’re also knowledgeable, supportive, considerate – you really know your stuff!! I highly recommend this workshop - as long as you're prepared to do the work afterwards!

Rachael Jansen


test_rachaelWhen you know, you know. And when I came across Angela in my search for a business coach to help me gain some clarity around my ideas, I knew she was the one.

Still, I baulked – to work with her was three times the price of other coaches I was looking at. I even asked her why she was worth more!

But I knew she was THE ONE.

Kellie O'Brien



I completed the workshop in my own time (I couldn’t make it on the day) because I needed clarity about where I'm headed in 2016, what I most want to achieve and how I can go about achieving it. I loved having a dedicated day to work on JUST planning and the ability to get the majority of it done within that one day without distraction.

I gained so much more clarity on my vision - something I've done previously but not REALLY focused on. I now know what I most want to do in my business to be able to fulfil my vision. You were so warm, approachable, encouraging, honest and open and I can now confidently stride into the year and even plan out how many wholehearted conversations I need to have to reach my goals.

Shae Baxter


test_shaeAngela Raspass is a godsend. Truly.

Since I knew she was an experienced speaker, presenter and facilitator, I hired Angela to be my speaking coach for a workshop I was presenting to over 60 women entrepreneurs and business owners in an event headlined by Lisa Messenger.

I was one of six speakers at this event and although I know my subject inside out, I am a fairly new speaker, and I wanted to make sure I made an impact with confidence.

Sonya Lovell


test_sonyaHow I’ve changed in these past 6 months of working with Angela is monumental!

She has helped me grow into my confidence and gave me the knowledge I needed to leap. You know that saying of, “Leap and you’ll build your wings on the way down” – well I really feel that’s true and she has been the one who’s shown me how to do that.  Nobody else has ever been able to make me feel comfortable enough before.

Theresa Poole


test_theresaI found Angela when I googled 'empowering women’, a search term which threw up all sorts of interesting results. The gem in the bunch was Angela. Her website initially spoke to me at a core level, she seemed to resonate with me in a way many coaches/healers/mentors did not.

Her written voice was understanding, compassionate yet seemed to hold a profound belief in me, in the idea of me, in the woman I could become, in the woman she believed I already was somewhere deep inside.

Sarah Caporn


test_sarahAngela made me feel completely at ease immediately. I don’t have reliable or fast internet access so she was flexible in how we connected (good old landlines!).

She did her research beforehand and gave me some pointers on my newly-launched website. We spoke about some of the blocks I was feeling and she helped me develop a few simple strategies to move past them that I can implement immediately.

Andrea Glazier


test_andreaI sold 2 of my new packages within 24 hours of our first session together! I’m sitting here today going through my new biz plan on top of the world! After you left I implemented your offering ideas STRAIGHTAWAY and got an IMMEDIATE SALE! And I thought your Wholehearted Business Mentoring was for ‘other people’, ha ha!

I had heard of Angela’s superpowers of clarity and that’s what I needed. 

Kerry Jeffrey


test_kerryA very fresh pair of eyes that saw through my blind spots followed by clear, concise and actionable steps and advice. That’s what I experienced when I worked with Angela.

I love Angela’s supportive and honest, no nonsense, approach and her totally different and fresh viewpoint of where and more importantly, why I was not moving forward in a positive way with my business. 

Sheryl Allen


test_sherylAngela helped me find clarity amidst the overwhelm of too many clients, too many projects and too little direction.

She pinpointed where the joy is, what projects make my heart sing, what industries get my creative juices streaming.

The results have been extraordinary, rippling beyond business and into my personal life.

Jacinda Meiklejohn


test_jacindaI wanted to learn how to present – how to structure a presentation and to learn all the tips about how to overcome the nerves and fear that come with presenting.

And what an excellent workshop it was! HUGE value and highly beneficial to me. Now I feel great because I have a simple and powerful framework that I can use anytime I am presenting. I feel confident in the process and know that I will only get better and better with practice. 

Sylvia Chierchia


test_sylviaI decided to work with Angela you because there was something about her that just resonated with me. She seemed like the type of person I just had to work with and I was right.

Initially, I thought what I wanted was a strong business plan. A how-to guide so that I could start the new year with a clear mind and a clear road map for my business with a few key strategies under my belt. I am feeling GREAT since our work together! Breakthroughs? Understatement. A different outcome than initially anticipated? Even bigger understatement.

Philippa Lowe


test_philippaHaving Angela is like having a cheer squad with one vital difference. She doesn’t enthuse you without ensuring you have a structure and direction. Angela keeps you accountable. Ultimately, I have to do the work myself, but having a second brain to turn to when I feel uncertain, challenged, or in overwhelm has been vital.

I had no hesitation about working with Angela – she has a whole-hearted belief in what she does, she is empathic yet tough when it’s needed and so I absolutely recommend her services.

Gina Tucker


test_ginaAngela provides an incredibly supportive and practical approach to help you get out of your own way. Her ability to adapt the session content to your needs and the tools she provides for self-examination are invaluable.

Our work on the inner critic was both enlightening and empowering. I gained much more clarity around the things I enjoy doing and how I want to move forward in my business. Since working together I am already beta testing my first product and have others in the pipeline as well.

Brenda Tsiaousis


test_brendaI landed two speaking engagements in less than a month! Angela’s workshop was the catalyst to becoming really clear on the outcomes I want for my business.

She assisted with eliciting from me a system, process and action plan that has caused me to move my business forward in leaps and bounds, the result has led to being featured in 2 magazines and landing 2 speaking engagements within less than a month!

Dr  Katie Richards


test_katieThank you so much for your guidance, your amazing ability to navigate me through my business venture – something I used to dread and now feel empowered as if an angel were shining a light on the roads I need to take.

You’ve inspired me to write my book – one of my major life purpose goals. You’re truly amazing! I cannot thank you enough.

Sharon Riley


test_sharonWe were half way through my first session when Angela helped me to see something that was right in front of my face but I had never connected the dots…I was sooo happy that I could finally pinpoint where one major issue in my life had started – I almost jumped up and hugged her!

I love working with her – she doesn’t judge, no answer is wrong, when I ask me a question and I’m unsure where to start she gives me pointers to help me begin, (usually I would get embarrassed when I couldn’t think of an answer).

Janelle Ruthven


test_janelleI first met Angela at an event she ran at my son’s school. The hour seminar was wonderful…I loved her honesty, enthusiasm and passion for helping women find themselves in the midst of ‘life’.

Angela’s own life is an inspiring tapestry of adversity and accomplishment, which, coupled with her marketing, life coach skills & business acumen, make her a great person to mentor other women through personal and career changes. 

Karen Pethard


Karen2I had the pleasure of attending Angela's presentation at the Knox Grammar School about 2 years ago. When the event was publicized I was immediately drawn to the initiative of empowering women in the community. Angela’s messages were simple, precise and empowering - I felt her presentation was directed right to me!

Sugandha Bhargava


sugandhaI had an inspired idea that came out of the blue to host a global women's online summit for my business rebrand and was totally overwhelmed. Time was not on my side and it was the first time that I had even considered doing something like this.

I was put in touch with Angela, who had not only gone through the same process, but knew that she would be able to answer the questions that I had.

Angela Fogarty-Mendez


angelaftestI love the fact that you are a perfect blend of a personal and business guide. I am so much more aligned with my business and know exactly where I’m headed.

I’ve been able to enjoy building my business without feeling so overwhelmed. I now have the skills I need and, perhaps even more importantly, the self-belief as well.

Jayne Day


jayne_testSpeaking is something that I want to do more of as I love being able to get out and reach a wider audience with my knowledge but I was lacking the confidence that I felt I needed to do a great job at presenting.

I had heard Angela speak at a conference so I knew she was the right person to teach me what I needed to learn.

Maria Davis


maria_testFrom the time I heard of Angela I had a pull to work with her and upon meeting her, I knew immediately why.

Angela is a genius! Amazingly astute and deliciously intuitive.

My wholehearted business is now moving forward in perfect alignment thanks to her innovative and heartfelt input.

Jennifer French


jennifer_testAngela put my mind to rest straightaway – she was genuinely understanding and supportive. Suddenly, everything became easier. It was a pleasure to work with Angela - she had fantastic empathy for the challenges in my business – she even thought just like a decorator!

For example, with my website refresh, I knew what I wanted to communicate, but Angela helped me craft my content to ensure SEO and ease of use... As a result, site visits have increased dramatically and more leads have been converted to sales.

Amanda Starr


amanda_testI loved your workshop and the wholehearted content that you shared with us.

You created an atmosphere where it was safe to explore and express what we are really feeling.

I particularly enjoyed the work we did on our misbeliefs as this really made me aware of the story I have been telling myself and that it is just that … a story that I have the power to change!