Review and Renew

Angela Raspass - business mentor, author and self-worth educator

Who created this business planning process?

I'm Angela Raspass, a Business Mentor and Author who supports female founders & leaders with a blend of strategy and self-worth as you refine the next chapter of your consultancy, agency or practice.

I believe your business needs to serve you just as much as you serve your clients and that we all seek a blend of contribution and fulfilment underpinned by a healthy revenue base.

I also believe in the value of taking time out to plan the year ahead, lightly anchoring in your intentions and allowing space for opportunities and fresh thinking.

I'm looking forward to supporting you to do the same!


You'll start by looking back, reviewing your year through the lens of your Emotional and Tangible results - what did you achieve, and how do you feel about it...

It's also vital to explore the Contribution Ratios of your services, products and programs so you can see where the best returns are before you consider how to harvest the lessons you've learned through the year, the gaps you may need close to move forward and more.

day two review and renew


Your Offer Staircase is the journey that takes your most aligned clients from their first experience with you through to working deeply with you.

This is where you'll consider and create the Engage, Elevate and Embrace levels of your services as you begin to develop the framework for long term relationships with your clients rather than short term transactions with customers.

You'll also look at developing your "Differentiation Model", the unique and distinctive framework that is drawn from your wisdom and experience and positions you with authority so you can gain traction, confidence, and committed clients.


Your Communication Plan covers how to articulate what you provide in a confident and compelling way and then looks at a Wholehearted Marketing approach for connecting with your Most Aligned Clients.

It's all too easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options available for marketing and to stretch yourself too thin across multiple platforms and activities. It's time to make choices that will lead to consistency in the new year.  Let's look at what worked well this year - how have people found you and what will be your Marketing Megaphones and Support Acts in the new year?

Review and renew
Review and renew


Now we pull all the pieces together and Set Your Course for 2022!

* Your Business Landscape

* Goal Setting & the Cascade Effect

* Snapshot Plan

* Support Structures

All designed to keep you on course, focused, and in flow for 2022 so you're gaining traction, not just taking scattered action.


Note: You may wish to begin from the 60-minute mark as each participant shared about their business goals and challenges in the first hour of the workshop.


In addition to the core workbooks, you have access to templates including my Cascade Planner (for quarterly planning), Weekly Planner, Value proposition worksheet (ideal for B2B) and Most Aligned Client Snapshot.

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