Free Business Resources from Angela Raspass

When I've asked the women in my community what they most need help with, central themes consistently appear.

  • I need clarity and inspiration - I want my business to be "on purpose" so how can I revitalise it to be more aligned with me?
  • My self-doubt keeps tripping me up - I often compare my work with others and feel it, and I, are not good enough. How can I boost my self-belief so I can step up the next level in my business?
  • I'm feeling overwhelmed - how can I effectively plan and prioritise all of the goals and tasks I have for my business?
  • I need to attract clients - how do I consistently market in a way that feels aligned and gets results for me?

So, I've collated some of my most useful free resources together for you, organised into these key areas so you can start with your most pressing challenge at the moment.

I need clarity and inspiration

Uncover your business purpose

An "Uncover your purpose" workbook

The prompts in this workbook are designed to get you thinking and recognising what it is that inspires you, captures your emotions and lights you up. You can then weave this into the core of your business alongside your values, your skills, your desires and your experience.

It’s intended to help you realign you and your business with a new vision or new services and direction as a part of your ongoing story.

I need a boost of self-belief

Business Confidence

Replay of Building Business Confidence Webinar

Enjoy instant access to the replay of my Masterclass and Q&A where you'll discover how to use a six-step system to help you escape The Comparison Trap and build your own Confidence Kit so you can step into Your Next Chapter with energy and enthusiasm. When you believe you can, you're already halfway there.

Increase your business confidence

Increase your confidence - stories of success

This audio and ebook will open a new door for you into Your Next Chapter with Principles to explore and Tools to adopt - I'm sharing my own best tips and the stories of 17 wholehearted women in business from around the world who have transformed their own relationship with doubt and built businesses and lives that they love.

I need to plan and prioritise

Weekly Planning Worksheet

The Weekly Planner - 100% focus and flow

Do you sometimes get to the end of the week and feel you've made no real progress?

I credit the simple Weekly Planning template I've used for the past 5 years with helping me manage to get the most important tasks in my business completed every week. The secret is to mindfully prioritise and to be realistic about what IS possible. Download your copy today for your most productive weeks ever!

Business Model Framework

The Progressive Engagement Plan

If you struggle to see how all the different pieces of your business can fit together so you can clearly market to your most aligned clients and build your revenue consistently, this simple, fully adaptable framework will bring you great relief as you clearly see how to build deeper relationships as you guide your clients from discovery to commitment and beyond.

I need to attract new clients

How to market and attract new clients

A Wholehearted Client Attraction Solution

If you’d like to know the steps to take to attract new clients to your Next Chapter Business, this is for you - a series of short videos and Action Sheets for you to complete. We’ll cover Confidence and Self-Belief, Your Most Aligned Client, Your Message, Your Offer Staircase and Your Marketing Toolkit - everything you need to be able to take the consistent, inspired action that helps you to secure clients and cashflow.

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