Recommitment versus Resistance

There’s a fire in your belly, a vision in your mind, excitement in your heart……. you’ve set yourself a big, hairy, audacious goal and you are feeling focused, inspired and motivated.

You power towards it, creating your strategy, listing your tactics, scheduling the activities that will take you forward.

There’s a wee set back or two. Bringing your vision to life is a little trickier than you first imagined.

Actually, there’s a lot of work involved. And it’s a bit daunting. Your mind wanders, and you wonder “do I really want this? Is it actually possible? Maybe I should reconsider, or perhaps, just downsize my goals….”

That’s RESISTANCE talking, as Steven Pressfield says in his brilliant book “The War of Art”.

“Resistance is inevitable as we push against our usual boundaries, our previous limits. To grow bigger and brighter, to achieve the vision we have created to step up and into our potential we need to overcome it. And to do that you need to recommit again and again and again.”

In this weeks video about 3 simple tips that can help you maintain commitment to your vision.

  • Reconnection
  • Celebration
  • Accountability

I hope that help you to refocus and recommit because if you’ve set the goal, it’s important to you and it needs to come to life.

I’d love to hear from you below the video:

  • Do you have a big vision you’re bringing to life?
  • Is resistance something that you feel?
  • Do you have extra tips to share that help you to stay committed to your goals?

Have a great week!

Angela Raspass Business and Life Mentor for female entrepreneurs

Angela Raspass

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter? That's the question Angela helps you explore & answer with self-belief & inspired action with her personal & business expansion programs.

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Love the tips! It is so easy to forget your vision and lose motivation! I will place the reminder on my calendar !!

Angela Raspass

Great idea Angela! The i phone alert that pops up each morning at 8.10am without fail always helps to reconnect me too 🙂


Great video Angela!! I can totally relate to what you’re saying and thanks for the tips, I am so scattered with so many ideas. I think it’s time for me to get crystal clear on my vision and remind myself of that and not all the little tasks along the way, also time to start eliminating the tasks that aren’t on the way to the vision!

Angela Raspass

Thanks Jocasta 🙂 Your “scattered” comment resonated with me – I actually saw myself tossing ideas around like seeds in a meditation this morning – time to plant them with a little more care methinks….. you and me both!

Kylie Bevan
Kylie Bevan

Great video Angela, have been really focusing on ‘focus’ this last month, enjoyed the reminders – especially resonated with your comment that ‘women tend to just get on with it!’

Angela Raspass

Thanks Kylie – we do tend to do that don’t we?? So important to take the time to pat ourselves on the back!

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