With Foundation and Evolution questions, the Uncovering Your Purpose workbook is designed to get you thinking and exploring what’s resonant for you so you create OR realign the next chapter of your business so it integrates your values and leverages your insights and experience.  

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Angela Raspass - Your Next Chapter Mentor

Hi, I’m Angela Raspass, and I'm a Mentor for business owners and entrepreneurs who are often in their 40's and beyond.

My own purpose is to "Share the stories, facilitate the conversations and provide the guidance and support to help women shape and grow sustainable businesses that blend contribution, fulfilment and financial reward".

I'm fully focused on encouraging you to confidently step into your Next Chapter in business and life through my free resources, Online Community, Podcast, Mentoring and Masterminds.

This Purpose Guide will provide the clarity you seek on the path to your own Next Chapter, developing a new business or revitalising the one you already have.

I hope it's really helpful!

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