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Anchor you and your business in meaning, provide focus and a decision filter whilst communicating with resonance.

Develop your Purpose, Vision and Mission Statements from Episode 110

Review 2017 and plan for 2018 success!
Download the Review and Renew Slides and Workbook.

Review and Renew Slides and workbook from Episode 69

21 Kickstart Client Attraction Actions
We all need to attract a steady stream of Most Aligned Clients into our businesses. Whilst there’s no magic wand to do this,

Kick Start Client Attraction from Episode 73

Would you like to know the 10 questions that can change your business and life? Answer with complete honesty and you’ll move toward the life you desire

Free 10 Questions PDF from Episode 54

Proactively planning to take good care of yourself for your Next Chapter journey is essential for you to build a sustainable business.

Circle of Support Mindmap from Episode 63

It’s time to step up and claim your fabulousness!
Declare who you are and why your work matters. No one on earth can do what you do, in precisely the way that YOU do it.

Worksheet from Episode 47

Made simple introduction

ACT from Episode 50

FREElance FREEdom
Your Guide to Making the Leap
to Being a Work At Home Professional

FREElance FREEdom Guide from Episode 35

One List to rule them all!  Develop a simple strategy to improve your ability to prioritize your tasks every day.

Master List Guide from Episode 37

Are you aware of your blocks? Uncovering the misbeliefs that are holding you back from happiness and success in business and life is the first step to change.

Beliefs About Me from Episode 33

Are you facing a divorce?
“The first steps through separation and divorce” will help you work through it piece by piece – from dealing with emotions to handling property settlements.

first step separation and Divorce Guide

from Episode 31

A book for the busy lifetime entrepreneur who’s
looking for the “next phase” of her business.
You’ve got a million ideas and rarely enough
time. And your current business is suffering for it.

10 Steps to redesign your business from Episode 30

Life before was the pre-game. Midlife is the party!
Take yourself on a new adventure into possibility and personal power.

Midlife Adventure Guide from Episode 28

Would you like to lose weight without stress?
Research how proven that mindful eating alone is a powerful weightloss tool.

Mindful Eating Guide from Episode 26

Are you aware of what causes your stress?
Awareness is the first step to change and introducing a Mindfulness Practice is the 2nd.

Stress Tracker from Episode 25

 Avoid the 10 most common mistakes in running a Mastermind Have your groups run smoothly and your members kicking goals!

10 most Common Mistakes in running

a mastermind  from Episode 24

What do you need to let go of to move forward?
Deal with fear, guilt, resentment and regret so you can make the changes that are calling you in your business and life

Personal Inventory from Episode 23

What are your dreams trying to tell you?
Dreamwork is like an archeological dig into your own subconscious – what will you discover?

Dream Work and Guide from Episode 21

Midlife Courage comes from knowing who you really are.
A squiggle, a Circle, a Square or a Triangle?
This simple and unique quiz will open your eyes…

Quiz and Guide from Episode 20

You may need to outsource to free your genius for growth – what can you let go of? A profitable, scalable business is constantly moving forwards.

Tasks and Time Exercise from Episode 19

Do you want to be more productive every day? There are many tools and apps that can help and we’ve got the list for you!

Effective Business Tools List from Episode 18

Life is busy, and we all have so many demands on our time, that finding time for fun can be another thing on our to-do list that we never get around to. Here are 4 easy ways to bring a bit of fun into your day right now!

4 Easy Ways To Invite More Fun from Episode 17

Do you want to inspire, motivate and create real change?
Then let’s get back to basics - the 4 core principles behind creating Quality Adult Learning

Creating Real Change from Episode 16

Do you avoid difficult conversations?
We all need to have them at times, but they can be challenging. This "Communication and Negotiation Formula" will help to make them easier.

Communication and Negotiation Formula

from Episode 14

Do you have any doubt about the value of your services and skills? Then this exercise will have a profound and positive impact on your confidence and certainty in your business and life.

Own Your Impact Exercise from Episode 13

Looking for Personal Style Clarity?
These are the questions to ask when you're in Your Next Chapter and nothing in your wardrobe feels like you anymore! It's time to dress the woman you have become

Your Style Clarity Guide from Episode 12

Become focused and in flow every day
Creating conscious simple rituals to begin, end and punctuate your day provides the foundations for Next Chapter Business AND Life success - what works for you?

Bonus Weekly Planner from Episode 11

Make decisions from Love, not Fear
When you can identify where you are coming from and what's most important, you will improve the quality of every decision you make in business and life.

4 Step Guide from Episode 10

Develop your Soulful Client Pathway
Escort your Ideal Clients from Discovery to Investment with an elegant and nurturing pathway that positions your services as the perfect solution to their needs.

Soulful Client Pathway from Episode 9

Develop your Visual Style Statement
Your Visual Style goes beyond your logo, fonts and colours - it's a magnetic and memorable representation of your authenticity. These 9 questions will help you to develop yours.

Visual Style Statement Guide from Episode 8

Craft Your Captivating Statement
Would you like to know how to say what you do in a compelling way that resonates with your Most Aligned Clients and opens wholehearted sales conversations?

Captivating Statement Guide from Episode 7

Self-confidence, the ability to trust and support yourself and own your value is essential for Your Next Chapter adventure.

Self-Confidence Tips from Episode 6

Create your own Permission Statement
At the heart of bringing your Next Chapter Vision to life are the three steps of Recognition, Reflection and Reignite - get clear and take inspired action today!

Most Aligned Client Snapshot from Episode 5

Create your own Permission Statement
At the heart of bringing your Next Chapter Vision to life are the three steps of Recognition, Reflection and Reignite - get clear and take inspired action today!

Permission Statement from Episode 4

Create your own Permission Statement
At the heart of bringing your Next Chapter Vision to life are the three steps of Recognition, Reflection and Reignite - get clear and take inspired action today!

Permission Statement from Episode 2