I Welcome Inspiring Next Chapter Stories!

Your Next Chapter Podcast Guest Application

My personal mission is "To share the stories and facilitate the conversations that inspire Next Chapters".

I do this through personal conversations in my Business Mentoring sessions and group conversation in my Masterminds, at Retreats, in Salon Dinners and on my Podcast.

And that's where you come in.

The Your Next Chapter Podcast is all about sharing your story and insights to inspire new possibilities for women in their 40’s and beyond.

If you have:

  • launched a brand new business at midlife,
  • taken your existing business in a new direction for a variety of reasons,
  • or to a new level because of what you have learned or a decision you have made,
  • if you've delved into a new area of passion and learning on the way
  • and doubtlessly perhaps overcome challenges on the way

...I'd love to connect with you.

I’m keen to hear what inspired your choices and the road you’ve travelled to get to where you are today, because this next chapter, well, it’s only part of the story isn’t it?

Authenticity, generosity and openness are the cornerstones of this show and we explore and share insights and wisdom gained that can help another woman move closer to her own vision, whether that be because of increased confidence, clarity and self-belief or through specific skills and strategies including business, mindset, health and wellness tactics too - physical, mental and emotional.

So if you have an inspiring personal or business story to tell or are a passionate expert in your own field with valuable insights to share with my Next Chapter audience, let's connect.

Share your background with me

Take a few minutes to complete the Guest Application below and I’ll be in touch. If there is great synergy between my audience and what you have to share, we’ll book in a time to have that wholehearted conversation.

Please note that I often have interviews booked quite far in advance, so if you do not hear from me right away, it may be because my schedule is full at the moment, but I keep all applications for future reference.

Thanks so much.


Podcast Guest Application

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