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When you share your story and insights, you can inspire new possibilities, the next chapter for women in business and life...

So if you have:

  • Launched a new business, charity or not for profit
  • Taken your existing business in a new direction or to a new level for a variety of reasons,
  • Selved into a new area of passion and learning on the way
  • Overcome challenges that can inspire others

...I'd love to connect with you.

I’m keen to hear what inspired your choices and the road you’ve travelled to get to where you are today, because this next chapter, well, it’s only part of the story isn’t it?

Authenticity, generosity and openness are the cornerstones of this show and we explore and share insights and wisdom gained that can help others pursue their own vision.

If you have an inspiring personal or business story to tell or are a passionate expert in your own field with valuable insights to share with my Next Chapter audience, it's time to share it.

  1. Step One: Complete the Your Next Chapter Story questionnaire - this will then appear on my Stories page with a permanent backlink to your own website. It will take you around 30 minutes to do this.
  2. Step Two: I regularly contact storytellers to be guests on the Podcast, and once I have your story, there's a high likelihood one will be you!

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