Stop overthinking and take action – Ep 124 with Marnie Downer

Stop overthinking and take action – Ep 124 with Marnie Downer

podcast episode
podcast episode

Marnie Downer describes herself with self-deprecating good humour as a Generation Xer with a misspent youth, a penchant for travel and a burning desire to change the sickness model in or society. Our conversation ranged far and wide from her early days as a naturopath and teacher within her industry to a new-found passion for supporting women through the menopause journey after she experienced anxiety fear and a sense of guilt and found so little full-bodied support available. Great Dames, Embrace the change one hot flush at a time is her next chapter.

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Show Notes


  • Starting my business was terrifying! It was easier travelling through Iran then it was taking on this challenge.


  • I experienced a whole lot of “I can’t do this” and then the penny dropped after about 2-3 years in business


  • Marketing was a little scattergun at first and then I realised there is no magic, and that consistency is the key


  • Resilience, tenacity and a commitment to your why are all vital


  • At 48 I had a strong story, a sense of well-being, all the angst of my younger years was gone… and THEN anxiety and a sense of grief hit. I felt as though I had achieved nothing at all


  • I went searching for answers and realised I was in perimenopause – my memory got so bad I could plan my own surprise party!


  • I regrouped and started my next chapter because age is not a barrier to starting something new, learning something new, starting a business… whatever calls you!


  • Continue to have purpose – don’t just mark time


  • I’m a Great Dame, and I’m on my way to being a Grand Dame

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Marnie Downer

Marnie is a naturopath, clinic nutritionist, herbalist and educator with a passion for supporting women as they transition through menopause. This was not always the case though! It wasn’t until she ran headlong into ‘the change’ herself that she realised that this period of life was often misunderstood, neglected or downright denied. It was at the point she decided to set about changing the way we view this process.

She is committed to helping women achieve greatness by unlocking their true potential through acts of self-care and nourishment.

Marnie believes that if you change the relationship with self, you will change the world.

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