How to change everything and thrive – Ep 125 with Kerry Jeffery

How to change everything and thrive – Ep 125 with Kerry Jeffery

podcast episode (2)
podcast episode (2)

Kerry describes herself as being “born as a therapist”, with people coming to her for as long as she can recall with their emotional issues, eager for guidance. In this conversation, she shares many of her own emotional growth experiences, from navigating single parenthood, learning how to prioritise her own needs, escaping a poverty mindset, and gathering her courage to take the leap from full-time employment into the world of entrepreneurship where she now openly shares her journey with chronic illness with an almost 10,000 member strong online community, supporting her clients through their own challenges so they can mindfully thrive in their new lives.

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Show Notes


Show Notes

  • The Louise Hay program, where I became a You Can Heal Your Life trainer was a turning point for me. I knew my Mum (who had terminal cancer and passed away whilst I was in training) regretted never having had the chance to achieve what was possible for her, so I answered my own call and quit my job
  • This was my first experience of trust in the universe – evidence that you will be looked after
  • I see myself as a Trailblazer – there was no one who had walked the path I was on to show me the way. That was hugely challenging, but ultimately deeply rewarding.
  • I rely on my lived experience to guide me – I am the expert on me
  • Letting go of other people’s opinions is liberating!
  • My diagnosis with Hashimoto's, an auto-immune disease saw me physically and cognitively disabled, and my Dr told me I just had to accept this and adapt to my new normal
  • Instead, I doubled down in helping myself, research, research, research… I changed everything, my diet, my experience of stress, my mindset. Our bodies do heal – that’s what they are designed for.
  • Chronic illness does involve a great deal of grief – the present I had and the future I thought I would have were gone, and this is just one of the reasons why emotional support and resilience are absolutely vital
  • I was initially afraid of being vulnerable, but when I am, my people, the ones I am here to help, know they are seen, heard and understood
  • We can tell ourselves scary stories about what might happen in business and life – it can actually be attractive to spend time in the dark places, and even kick ourselves when we are down, but we can equally choose to talk to ourselves about the good things that can happen too
  • Everything I have committed to in the past readied me for my next challenge

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Kerry Jeffery

Kerry is a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and life coach who works exclusively online helping people around the world to resolve the complex emotional issues that come from being diagnosed with and living with chronic illness.

Kerry knows exactly how this feels as she lives with 4 chronic autoimmune diseases that affect her life every day.

Visit her community here:

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