How to write and publish your business book – Ep 99 with Bev Ryan

How to write and publish your business book – Ep 99 with Bev Ryan

Smart Women Publish Ep 99 with Bev Ryan
Smart Women Publish Ep 99 with Bev Ryan

It’s a not unfamiliar feeling, to know you’re ready for change, but not to be sure exactly what that change might be…

And it’s what Bev Ryan felt when she hit her mid-forties and found herself yearning for a new direction. The opportunity to “do her own thing” was beckoning.

With a successful career as a High School Teacher in her toolkit, Bev started to explore her Next Chapter, inspired by the Barbara Sher book “I could do anything if I only knew what it was”. She dug down into her essence, identifying what she felt switched her on and excited her.

New chapters in self-publishing begun to emerge, firstly with her own magazines and then a metamorphosis into a Non-Fiction Book Coach and Publishing Consultant. Today, Bev works with professional service providers whose purpose for publishing is to highlight their expertise in a book, even when they’re not natural writers.

This is a vast and deep conversation ranging from Bev’s own journey to top tips for your own publishing adventure.

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Show Notes

  • Recognise that fear is normal, but lack of support and isolation are dream killers.
  • Get curious about your fear – what is it trying to tell you?
  • What’s in your own rucksack? Unpack your experience and understand the value of what you can bring to the table
  • Understand the dilemma of your clients – this is vital – don’t guess, research!
  • Self-authorship is the ultimate form of personal development
  • There is such credibility attached to publishing – recognition and authority. Brush past the misbeliefs – you can do this!



Shows you why self-publishing a non-fiction book to grow your professional and business brand is a savvy move, plus:

+ how to plan, write and craft your quality book

+ how to get maximum leverage from your book

+ author spotlights – 14 success stories

+ journal exercises after every chapter

+ bonus downloads

Also available An A5 Book Journal that accompanies Smart Women Publish, to be used for notes and ideas as you respond to the questions at the end of each chapter in the book. See for details and to purchase.

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Bev Ryan

Bev Ryan is the author of ‘Smart Women Publish’, launched in 2019. Bev provides book coaching and publishing services for people who want to self-publish their own non-fiction books. She believes that authoring a quality book is a powerful way for women to raise their profile and establish their expertise and authority in their business or profession. The process is also a catalyst for enormous personal and professional growth.

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