What’s your Mission? Connecting to a Cause – Ep 98 with Carolyn Butler Madden

What’s your Mission? Connecting to a Cause – Ep 98 with Carolyn Butler Madden

What's you mission - EP 98 with Carolyn Butler Madden
What's you mission - EP 98 with Carolyn Butler Madden

Like many of us, Carolyn admits to accidentally falling into her original career, rather than following a burning ambition. For over 30 years she thrived in the world of advertising agencies and even had her own successful agency in Sydney, her new home after London.

Even though Carolyn grew up with a strong social conscience, courtesy of her Mum, she felt that the commercial world of advertising and marketing and her own inner world and values didn’t mix so well. So she kept her client and personal work with organisations such as Amnesty International, separate.

But gradually, something began to shift, when she discovered the concept of Cause Marketing and a new opportunity emerged. Carolyn realised that she could align a brand with a cause that would deliver a positive social impact whilst also delivering commercially sound outcomes.

The Cause Effect is the result. A Next Chapter Business that beautifully blends Carolyn’s expertise and heart, helping business owners to unlock the full value of a social purpose brand strategy to energise their business

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Show Notes

  • Go to live events that call to you when you can – what you are exposed to their can shake you up and light your fire!
  • If you feel there is a piece missing in your business, there most likely is. You need to dig deeply to find it, and the way to bring it in
  • Sometimes happenstance dictates change to us, and that can feel terrifying. But many a Phoenix rises from the ashes.
  • You are sitting on a mountain of value that is unique to you – as Seth Godin says “if you’re not sharing your value, you are actually stealing!”
  • Doubt will rear its head as Imposter Syndrome – you work through this by being clear on your Mission and your Vision
  • The more strategically aligned your contribution is with your business and brand, the more impact you can make, the more you can leverage
  • The more you share your vision, the more you will attract people like you, as you differentiate yourself with emotional resonance
  • “I used to love what I do, now I do what I love”
  • The old structures of business are becoming less relevant. There has never been a better time than now to explore and define the value you can bring and to who.

If you're a business leader or marketer navigating the purpose maze, Carolyn’s book, Path To Purpose will unlock the secrets of brands doing well by doing good.

In Australia's first book on cause marketing, discover:


  • Why doing good is good for business
  • The science behind cause marketing
  • Fourteen real-life examples of world-class cause marketing strategies from Pampers, Patagonia, Dulux, Virgin Mobile, ANZ, Zambrero, REI and more.
  • A simple six-step methodology to develop and implement a powerful and authentic cause marketing approach for your brand.


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Carolyn Butler Madden

Carolyn Butler Madden is founder of The Cause Effect, a specialist marketing consultancy that enables businesses to do well by doing good.

By defining a brand's social purpose and marketing it internally and externally, we help our clients capture the hearts and minds of their people and customers, energising their business in the process.

She is author of Amazon best selling book Path To Purpose, Australia's first book on cause marketing. She's also a contributing author to the international best selling "Better Business, Better Life. Better World, The Movement, book.

Carolyn brings 30 years' international experience creating successful and internationally awarded marketing campaigns for some of the world's best brands. Over 18 years she owned and ran two agencies in Sydney, until deciding to move out of the agency world and into consulting to pursue her passion for social impact led marketing. Today, she uses her experience to realise her vision; a future where brands drive profit through purpose and marketing becomes a force for good.

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