Excitement overcame Fear – Ep 96 with Anita McLachlan

Excitement overcame Fear – Ep 96 with Anita McLachlan

Ep 96 How to align your business with your values with Anita McLauchlan and Angela Raspass
Ep 96 How to align your business with your values with Anita McLauchlan and Angela Raspass

Anita took a deep breath as we hit record on this episode saying, “All hail the truth!”. And hail that truth she did, sharing expansively about her career chapters from Radiographer to Project Manager to Co-owner to Sole Proprietor of an online Resort wear business to launching a Body Confidence Movement, whilst raising kids and moving 13 time as a Military Wife.

“We have to define success to us because our circumstances are unique to us. My business is deliberately small – if I’d tried to make it bigger with my lifestyle that would have led to just too much extra stress” she states, a sentiment I completely align with.

Too often we can be seduced by the lure of “success” showcased by others. We need to take stock of what stage we are at in our lives, what we value and what our personal goals and decide what we actually want before adopting any of those example for ourselves. Anita’s refreshingly open commitment to her own narrative opens the door for us to create our own Next Chapters exactly as we please!

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Show Notes

  • Our career tempos often change when children came along, and that’s ok, because the tempo changes again when they grow!
  • Excitement overcomes fear – keep moving forward when you’re captivated by an idea or a cause
  • Stay curious and aware - you may spot an opportunity in the market to respond too. In our case, it was seeing that women in their mid 30’s and beyond – post the “surf store” stage, were not being catered too with great Resort wear – they were falling through the cracks. That was the market segment we decided to cater too.
  • Keep listening to your audience - Over time I started to recognise the stories from women who repeatedly said “I can’t find a swimsuit that makes me feel good”. This eventually led to “Cossie Confidence” because I fiercely believe that no matter what you’re perceived body shape, don’t sit on the sidelines, you need to make memories. When you don’t participate, you miss out, and so does your partner, your kids and your friends”.
  • Keep at it! This side of my business didn’t fire at first - it’s not always a case that “if you build it they will come”. I sidelined the project for a year, but I was committed to the Cossie Confidence vision and it has gained such momentum – it’s raw and real, an expression of truth that has become a movement that I am so proud of https://www.cossieconfidence.com.au/
  • Develop a Virtual Team to build your business – understand your talents, but also understand what you are not good at and bring people in to fill those gaps
  • Our instincts are strong – listen to your heart and out your ideas out there. Focus on your why and don’t overthink it!


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Anita McLachlan

Why shouldn't every woman make precious memories and live her best summer yet? As founder of Sequins and Sands Anita i passionate about women's empowerment through helping them feel confident in their won bodies. That's what she helps women do and loves it. It goes way beyond just selling stuff. Cossie Confidence is the key and when you break it down, that's what she’s really in the business of...womens' confidence. Anita wants to create a legacy that helps women love themselves.

With a community of over 23,000 across their database and on social media, the number of women Anita helps and influences each and every day is both satisfying and growing.

Change has been a constant in her lif, including moving house over 12 times and several career incarnations; e-Business owner, a Retail Development Manager and Consultant and Radiographer. Variety really is the spice of life. Helping others to be the best they can be, is the icing on her cake.

Anita is also a very proud Mumpreneur (acknowledge by Ausmumpreneur and Studio 10), choosing to start and run a business that has enabled her to put family first and be very accessible for her kids. Moving every 2-3 years had its challenges (the McLachlans are a military family) meant that having an online enterprise helped with the juggle.

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