Becoming a visible woman – Ep 95 with Rachel Jansen

Becoming a visible woman – Ep 95 with Rachel Jansen

Becoming a visible woman – Ep 95 with Rachel Jansen
Becoming a visible woman – Ep 95 with Rachel Jansen

Rachel has a passion, an absolute commitment to seeing women rise, to be seen, heard and valued. Her chapters of moving from Journalist to Mother to Business Owner have not been without challenges to her own confidence and visibility as she navigated the uncharted territory of role and identity transitions.

In our discussion she shares how you can respond to the ache and calling inside of you to pursue your own dreams, even when societal conditioning tries to keep you boxed in.

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Show Notes

Some thought starters form the discussion:

  • Your experience is your expertise
  • We have so much wisdom and experience to share – it’s time to rise
  • When you see that your wisdom has clearly helped even one person, that can help you to continue your journey, even if your thoughts and ideas have not been appreciated in the past
  • Your challenges will transform into lessons
  • You may feel sad, mad and bad, and that’s ok! You will move through it

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Rachel Jansen

Rachael has been sticking her nose into other people’s business for more than 20 years – as a respected senior newspaper journalist, columnist and chief of staff for Australia’s leading media organisation.

She used to joke she was paid to gossip but what her career taught her was how to cut to the heart of any matter and find the best angle of people’s stories. After thousands of interviews, from homeless kids to a Prime Minister, she honed her skills at understanding people and issues and how the information should be best relayed to the audience who needed to hear it.

She now uses those skills though her agency Visible Women Media, helping women in business build a reputation for greater influence and impact.

Rachael is also a qualified health coach and writes content on life and leadership for women so they can live happier, more balanced and fulfilled lives.

In her spare time she is raising two kids, speaking to her husband, and sitting on the beach soaking in the glory of nature.

You can find her at



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