Digging below your surface – Ep 93 with Donna Brown

Digging below your surface – Ep 93 with Donna Brown

Digging below your surface – Ep 93 with Donna Brown
Digging below your surface – Ep 93 with Donna Brown

Donna Brown has always been deeply committed to helping people be the best they can be in her 30+ years of work in design, media and business. By digging below the surface, she has helped individuals and business leaders lean into purpose by honouring their interests, talents and natures and having them consciously decide “what do I want my life to look like”.

An upcoming milestone birthday and the contemplation that often brings, combined with a desire to integrate her spiritual practices more deeply with her work led Donna to develop The Walking Compassion Project, a personal pilgrimage to the Camino Trail, carrying the collective troubles of 100,000 people in one symbolic stone, to be let go.

A journey at the pure intersection of contribution and fulfilment, she knows the ripple effect of the project, externally and internally will be profound.

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Show Notes


  • Purpose is not single pointed, don't put that level of pressure on yourself
  • When you lose everything you associate with who you are, all of those external reference points, you realise that can be a gift – you can now do anything at all you want now!
  • Ask yourself, what do I want all aspects of my life to look like? This can be challenging when you’ve lost with what you do want. Keep asking.
  • You have a unique combination of your own life experience and passion, follow the breadcrumbs, find the clues for Your Next Chapter – they are there
  • Treat your energy as your most precious resource
  • Sometimes you can’t change the situation or the other person, so the only choice you have is to change yourself
  • Business is an amplification of who you are
  • Your most important skill is the development of self-trust

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Donna Brown

Donna Brown is a business designer, visionary, speaker and founder of the global community, Walking Compassion.

With three decades of experience in design, media and business, combined with extensive Buddhist studies and spiritual practices, Donna is equally at home showing you how to apply powerful spiritual practices in your life and business as she is helping you create a unique business model that will allow you to super scale.

Donna sees business as a powerful form of self-expression and a transformative tool on the path to enlightenment and the practice of compassion as fundamental to our growth and flourishing as human beings.


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