Chase your Crazy Dreams – Episode 92 Ana Kazan

Chase your Crazy Dreams – Episode 92 Ana Kazan

Chase your Crazy Dreams - Episode 92 Ana Kazan
Chase your Crazy Dreams - Episode 92 Ana Kazan

Ana Kazan is a specialist in Leadership Development theory and innovation with a 20-year background in journalism. She has a Masters in Communication, a PHD in International Self-Leadership and is the co-author of Self-Leadership – how to become a more successful, efficient and effective leader from the inside out.

That in and of itself is an impressive bio, but it hardly begins to scratch the surface of the deep core of Ana, a tremendously inspiring woman who has a bold story of tenacity and determination to share, as she resolutely pursued her own “Crazy Next Chapter Dream” of studying in America, writing and sending 100 letters of application before being accepted.

I’m sure you’ll be energised by this episode.

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Show Notes

  • What “crazy thing” might you want to do? You can step into a whole new life, even if those around you don’t think it is possible for you. This choice is for YOU. If you have that itching inside, where you feel not happy, not complete, you have to go after it!
  • Your old values may not be not valid anymore. You have to recalibrate and redefine yourself. You need to answer the questions “Who am I now, what do I stand for”, for yourself.
  • Expose yourself to new ideas to determine the new you. What grabs your attention? What made you curious and interested? These are signs of the new you emerging. Embark on your own voyage of self-exploration!
  • You are likely in transition too – you are no longer the woman you were, you are on the move, even if you haven’t arrived yet.
  • Don’t be afraid to let go of what you think you need, you may surprise yourself. Be willing to face uncertainty, to let go of what you know. Be willing even, to fail.
  • Just take the first step forward – it will make the Universe conjure up things to help you succeed.
  • You can be an example of courage and change for others.

Links and More Information

Self-Leadership is the ability to influence yourself to think and behave in ways that are consistent with who you are and are conducive to the pursuit of goals and experiences that are important and relevant to you.

 I highly recommend a copy of this book for your own Success Library – you can purchase a copy here.




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