Next Chapter Podcast Episode 09: Kellie O’Brien – Soulful Client Pathways

Next Chapter Podcast Episode 09: Kellie O’Brien – Soulful Client Pathways

Soulful Client Pathways with Kellie O'Brien
Soulful Client Pathways with Kellie O'Brien

We all need a pathway that leads straight to the heart of our business for our clients to walk along, and we want to craft this pathway with care so that the journey to our services is elegant and nurturing, a positive experience.

Many wholehearted women resist the concept of a “Sales Funnel” because it feels somewhat icky and pushy, even though we understand the need for it.

Kellie O’Brien understands how you feel and that’s exactly why she created the concept of developing “Soulful Client Pathways” – a methodology of taking an Ideal Client from discovery to investment with you in an authentic way. We dive deeply into the exact steps involved in this approach, focusing on being of high service so your potential client feels connected and taken care of, thus increasing the probability of their investing in your products and services so they move through their own sales cycle. What a refreshing approach this is for everyone involved!

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Show Notes

A Soulful Client Pathway has distinct steps within in that lead an ideal client for you from discovery to investment. It’s definitely a wholehearted strategy that you need in your business to increase your impact and abundance.

This framework will need to be personalised for your industry, style and the needs of your specific clients, but in essence the steps are:

  • Traffic for a flow of interested people from your blog, Facebook ads, referrals, organic social media etc
  • The offer of a free gift (also commonly known as an Opt In or Lead Magnet) that addresses a problem or goal your potential client has
  • A smart Thank You page where the gift is delivered
  • A series of emails that educate and add value delivered over time
  • An invitation into a paid product or program

Links and More Information

Kellie has provided a brilliant Soulful Pathways Map as the resource for this Episode hat outlines each of these steps, showing how they link together along with examples to inspire you!

Download Resource Button

I also highly recommend Kellie’s workshop “One Day to a Soulful Sales System” if you’d like personalised help with this area of your business at a very accessible price point of just $295 plus GST. These online workshops run bi-monthly and he next one is taking place on Tuesday February 24th. Click on the image below to be taken directly to Kellie’s website for more details.

Kellie O-Brien one day workshop

Kellie O'Brien

Kellie O'Brien has a deep background of experience in PR and Journalism and has helped a great many entrepreneurs and small business owners increase their visibility both on and offline.

In her Next Chapter, Kellie is now focusing on helping her clients create Soulful Client Pathways, the journey a client takes from discovery to investment, developing a powerful and effective step by step process to follow for great results.

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