Powerful Presenting Insights – Episode 89 with Clare Dea

Powerful Presenting Insights – Episode 89 with Clare Dea

Episode 89 with Clare Dea - Powerful Presenting Insights
Episode 89 with Clare Dea - Powerful Presenting Insights

Clare Dea is the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit in action from a young age. At the age of 8 when her Dad was retrenched and her ballet lessons needed to pause, Clare decided she would solve the problem. I asked myself “How can I make the money to pay for them?. My inner entrepreneur was born and I became a busker for the next 8 years, generating the fund to pay for my lessons, my school books and more!”

“I believe if you are passionate about something you can make it happen’, she shares.

Those early adventures led to Clare opening her own Dance School at 16, before moving into performance, acting and presenting, pivoting into helping entrepreneurs and business owners understand the power of their own stories, the energy of their truth and the nine Elements of Powerful Presenting to shine in your industry.

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Show Notes

  • Don’t squash your feelings down, good or bad – it’s vital to partner with those feelings at all times
  • Seemingly “bad reviews” can lead to magic moments of growth if you are open to them
  • We all have the desire to hide sometimes; it’s scary to expose the truth of who we really are
  • Magnetic presence begins with Inner Awareness, taking time to get present with what’s going on inside, the sensations and tensions. This is the gateway to audience connection.
  • We then move to Outer Awareness – knowing where you physically are and your audience – look them directly in the eye and connect.
  • The third step is organisation – knowing your structure by heart and having a strong Call To Action, how you want the experience to land and end.
  • Work backwards, allow your story ending to lead naturally back to your introduction
  • When you’re starting out, find your topics and a compassionate audience first.
  • Remember that practice makes permanent – not perfect!
  • Take baby steps to grow out of your comfort zone

Links and More Information


Clare has a free video training on the “Nine Elements of Powerful Presenting” available to help you begin to captivate your audience, be clear, congruent and confident on video and become an amazing storyteller.

Clare Elizabeth Dea

Nominated for Telstra Business Woman Of The Year, Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic influencer working internationally as a performance artist, speaker, author and presentation coach.

Clare helps passionate and soul-driven creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs shine in their industry.

Through her signature online program 'Powerful Presenting' Clare is inspiring many to claim their authentic voice and share their message with many.

5 years ago, Clare launched her first book 'The One Breast Goddess-Transforming Shame Into Beauty.' This led to many speaking opportunities, including an invitation to speak at Tedx Melbourne Open Mic Evening.

After a sold out season of her one woman show 'Dropping The Mask,' Clare is now starting to tour her show to high schools and is in the process of creating a new show for women about all things dating.

Clare looks forward to helping you captivate your audience.

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