Linked In Mastery in Three Steps – Episode 87 with Jo Saunders

Linked In Mastery in Three Steps – Episode 87 with Jo Saunders

Linked In Mastery in Three Steps Episode 87 with Jo Saunders
Linked In Mastery in Three Steps Episode 87 with Jo Saunders

Jo has always been drawn to creating community, fascinated by helping people to connect with a social purpose. Back when she was much younger, this commitment was played out with starting Barbie and Penfriend Clubs and a desire for her own magazine. “I just wanted to have a club, with members and it’s only now that I look back that I can connect the dots between what I was doing then and what I’m doing now!”

It’s simply and deeply about community and connection and today, Jo expresses these core values through her expertise on Linked In, helping business owners to enhance their profiles and build relationships on this most valuable visibility platform.

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Show Notes

  • Linked In is a long-term strategy, not a short-term promotional platform
  • We need to begin with having Brand Clarity on Linked In which comprises 5 key areas of focus:
  1. First impression

Identify the areas of your online presence and LinkedIn profile that could be letting you down

  1. Visibility

Improve your brand presence to enable your target market to find you in Google and be found by people looking for your expertise.

  1. Likeability

Identify what’s crucial in your LinkedIn profile that can make or break your likeability

  1. Credibility

Develop trust and credibility in your LinkedIn profile as a category authority in your industry

  1. Network & Net worth

Attract, connect and engage with your target market to build relationships that convert.

  • From here, you build your Strategic Visibility through profile building, a networking strategy and a content strategy

Profile Building

  • The goal is to position yourself as an expert or specialist in your field
  • Start with your Profile – build in keywords that you know your Most Aligned Client is searching. Aim to have these keywords as skills on your profile too, with at least 2 endorsements for each keyword skill
  • Build in your Backstory – your pathways, purpose and passions
  • Focus on your headline – these 3 lines need to be interesting enough to encourage a click
  • Recommendations are important – they are your social proof and must be requested, they can’t be copied and pasted from elsewhere
  • All of this helps with your Google visibility – Linked In results are highly ranked on google

Networking Strategy

  • Creating connections is at the heart of Linked In. You can choose to simply sit back and allow it to happen – you are likely to receive requests each and every week
  • But, it’s not just about who you are connected too. Look at their audience too – is this an audience you would like to be visible too?
  • You can choose to just follow someone initially, rather than connect. But when you do, make sure you personalise the connection request, which is hard to do on a mobile!
  • Think about what works well when you network in real life – you don’t just walk around handing out business cards and pitching! Take time to engage, comment, like and share.

Content Creation

  • Focus on adding value, not noise
  • Share quality content, but it doesn’t always have to come from you
  • You need to earn your right to promote – for every promotional piece you post, ensure you have engaged with others and added value several times – 5 to 1 is a good ratio to keep in mind

Links and More Information

Join Jo’s Facebook Group – Linked In: Social Business with Jo Saunders – just click on the image below.

Linked In Mastery in Three Steps Episode 87 with Jo Saunders


Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders is an internationally recognised LinkedIn expert, marketing strategist, social media educator, and co-author of 'Get Good or Get Off - A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media'.

She shows leaders how to be found, remembered and chosen, through increased visibility, authority and influence using LinkedIn and social marketing tools in this era of social business.


1. The only Aussie LinkedIn expert invited to speak at Social Media Marketing World*
2. Internationally recognised as an LinkedIn expert trainer by peers
3. A leading LinkedIn expert in Australia (just ask google)
4. Over 10 years LinkedIn practice and tens of thousands of hours
5. Ranked #4 on Klout’s global LinkedIn expert list

* The biggest social media conference in the world.

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  1. Jo Saunders on October 16, 2018 at 12:51 am

    Thanks so much for having me on your podcast. It was such fun to chat with you. I hope your listeners get some inspiration to take a fresh look at LinkedIn.

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