Your Visibility Plan – Episode 82 with Angela Raspass

Ep 82 Create Your Business Visibility Plan with Angela Raspass - Your Next Chapter Podcast

You need to be visible to have an impact and make a difference with Your Next Chapter Business. You may have exactly what someone need to close the gap they have. But if they can’t find you, they can’t be exposed to your solutions, your stories and your experience.

So it’s time to create a simple Visibility Plan that leverages your skills and meets your Most Aligned Clients where they are.

In this series I share my thoughts and have also had wholehearted conversations with 7 generous business leaders who have shared insights into their own passions and areas of expertise, all designed to help you to raise your visibility in different ways:

  • Leanne O’Sullivan on Digital Marketing
  • Sean D’ Souza on Article Writing
  • Kate Toon on Search Engine Optimisation
  • Robbie Samuels on Networking
  • Jo Saunders on Linked In
  • Alison Jones on Writing a Business Book
  • Clare Dea on Powerful Presentations

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Show Notes

An impactful Visibility Plan begins with a decision. You need to decide to be seen and anchor that decision to your why – a reason, a cause that’s bigger than the thing you sell. In my case, I firmly believe that the wisdom and experience Next Chapter women have can be leveraged into fulfilling, impactful businesses that shorten and sweeten the journey for others. I also believe that too many women are held back from reaching their potential because of a lack of self-belief and that the consistent support and personal and business growth you need for the journey is best provided through an intimate Mastermind group.

Those “whys” are what commit me to my own Visibility Plan – what are yours?

Once your decision has been made to become more visible, you need to check in with your mindset to make sure there are no sticky misbeliefs that are holding you back and then you can develop and consistently implement your plan. My ideas about these steps are at the heart of this episode.

Your Visibility Plan needs to have the 4 C’s foundations:

Clarity – on your Who, your Most Aligned Clients, their TOMMPA – Top of Mind, problem, Pain or Aspiration you can help them with, their Watering Holes – the places you’ll find them and the solution you have for them.

Credibility – What topics will you focus on sharing your expertise and experience about? What feedback do you have to share from people you have helped?

Core – Consider your strengths, the things that comes easily and naturally to you and utilise these in your marketing –writing, speaking, video, podcasting and more, if it feels resonant, you are much more likely you actually do it! Overlay this with your client watering holes and these 2 facts will combined to make your marketing platforms easier to select. Less is more!

Consistency – visual brand consistency, quality content creation consistency, contact with your audience consistency, these are all important for building trust and staying “on the radar” of your potential clients as they move through their buying cycle.

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