Guiding women to thrive in recovery – Episode 78 Tammy Roth

Tammy Roth - Guiding women to thrive in recovery - Episode 78 Your Next Chapter Podcast with Angela Raspass

During the last five years in the corporate world, it became increasingly obvious to Tammy that she was not living her purpose.  

 A volunteer role at a women’s shelter in her spare time opened a new door where she discovered an absolute love of counselling and social work. This led to graduate study in Clinical Counselling and a now 20+ year career in this space.

“I was 35 when I made this move and I felt so old then!” laughs Tammy. “I now realise what I baby I was”. The thread of helping women to discover their authentic self has weaved its way throughout Tammy’s work, through many a twist and turn. “Even though I wanted to travel the freeway to California in my working life, the Universe decided I needed to travel many a back road and learn a lot of lessons along the way. It had far more plans for me than I could possibly have come up with”. 

 Tammy had been facilitating retreats and providing support to women with great results and fulfilment, but 10 years ago she began to spiral into anxiety and depression. She took a year off to figure out what was wrong and why “she couldn’t manage her own life”. This exploration led her to accept that she was actually an alcoholic, a discovery and subsequent journey into sobriety that has deepened her work with a new layer of purpose and empathy. Tammy has developed a feminine model of recovery and a profound understanding of the role that being a highly sensitive person plays in pain and addiction and the journey to your authentic self.

“I feel like I am moving ever closer to the bull’s eye of my purpose”. 

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Show Notes

  • Listen to your gut, trust it and act on it – it knows what is right for you 
  • If you feel overwhelmed or baffled, simply stop. Sit down. Notice the sensations you’re experiencing – they are your guides 
  • Get out in nature as often as you can 
  • Intuition can often be instantaneously appreciated through your dreams. Tammy was a guest on my Podcast some time ago where we talked about dreamwork and she provided a Dreamwork Guide for download – you can listen to this episode and download the resource here 
  • Meditation can be transformative for many women. It is the nature of minds to be busy, so don’t be concerned about what happens during your practice, it’s the results in your life outside of your practice that we meditate for, because our sense of unworthiness can be stuck in our nervous system and meditation can calm that sense. 
  • Notice the unhelpful thoughts and beliefs you experience and challenge them – just because you think them, it doesn’t make them so 
  • Highly sensitive people may not produce enough dopamine, serotonin and endorphins and thus, look for outside sources. That’s when addictions can hook us. 
  • It’s vital for your to create boundaries that serve you so that you do not become overwhelmed, resentful or burnt out. 

About the speaker

Tammy is a licensed professional counsellor with two master's degrees from Vanderbilt University.   She also earned a PhD in metaphysics from The American Institute of Holistic Theology.

She is a trained neurofeedback provider, EMDR and Brainspotting therapist, certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, trained in SomEx and has extensive training in dreamwork.

However, her most important education has come from the process of being in recovery and utilizing creativity, meditation, nature, physical exercise, dream work and neurofeedback along with 12-step recovery meetings to have a healthy spirit and balanced brain.

Tammy's memoirs, workshops and retreats are a platform to guide others on how to make their recovery process a deep, soul filled experience.

Tammy is also the Clinical Director at JourneyPure's Center for Professional Excellence, a residential treatment center in Middle Tennessee.

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