Uncover Your Next Chapter Business Purpose – Episode 75 Angela Raspass

Uncover Your Next Chapter Business Purpose – Episode 75 Angela Raspass

Fund your business purpose with angela raspass
Fund your business purpose with angela raspass

From the earliest days of teenage angst, locked away in my bedroom journaling intensely, I seem to have been asking the question “what am I here for???”

I still check in with that question today. Quite regularly. But now, rather than seeking a lightening bolt of inspiration from the sky, I’m asking it to pivot, to stay on my path, to ensure I am aligned in my business and life.  

And given the fact there are more than 135,000 searches on Google for “purpose” each month, it seems that I’m in good company. And so are you. 

 I believe our Next Chapter Businesses are very much at the intersection of contribution and fulfilment. We’re happiest when we are being of usefulness and value to others, using our unique talents, skills and life experiences to serve. When we feel light and energised, immersed in work that has meaning for us in a business that serves us just as much as it serves our clients. 

 This new series on the Your Next Chapter Podcast, Business and Life Beyond 40, explores Purpose, Passion and Reinvention through wholehearted conversations with women who have evolved, through choice or circumstance, to a new chapter in their working lives.    

 I hope that by listening into the stories they share about where they have been, where they are now and where they are going to, you’ll find both inspiration and satisfaction. 

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Show Notes

  • We seek to uncover out purpose, rather than discover it, as it’s always been inside of you, simply expressed in different ways throughout you life – look for the connecting threads. 
  • As we move into the second half of our life, we begin to realise success needs to defined n our terms, in our way and let go of the need for external validation and instead, rely on our internal resonance and drive  
  • Try not to overcomplicate things – purpose can be simply stated.
  • Examples from my clients include:
    • To bring beauty to the world
    • To help people manage trauma
    • To help people simplify their finances
    • To energise people through healthy living
  • When you wrap your business around a purposeful core, it becomes much easier to decide what resources to create, talks to give, webinars to host, services to offer, even retreats to hold. 
  • There is no definitive rulebook or formula to follow – purpose and your business that springs from it are unique and individual.

Links and More Information

The workbook that accompanies this Podcast series has a series of questions that can help you to uncover your core purpose for Your Next Chapter or to realign with it in your existing business. 

With Foundation and evolution questions, it’s designed to get you thinking and exploring what’s possible and resonant for you. 

 Download it here > www.angelaraspass.com/purpose


I also refer to a couple of my favourite books in the episode:










The Shift – from ambition to meaning 
Wayne Dyer 











Finding Your Own North Star
Martha Beck  


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