ON-AIR MENTORING – Goals for growth of a charity – Episode 72 Liz Davidson

ON-AIR MENTORING – Goals for growth of a charity – Episode 72 Liz Davidson


Many of us think about how we can make a tangible difference in the world. We read about so many wonderful people who, upon seeing a need, make the decision to do something about it. They step up and give back selflessly and inspire others to do the same.   

Liz Davidson is one such woman and I am delighted and honoured to know her, and to be in her support team – she has been a part of my Next Chapter Success Circle Masterminds since the beginning of 2017. Liz had a burning desire to have a positive impact on women in crisis and she channeled her considerable energy and compassion into creating Our Kitchen Table, a charitable organisation located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.  

As a part of the Mastermind program, Liz has personal business mentoring calls with me and she has kindly agreed to have her latest session aired on the Podcast so that other businesswomen who are also building their own enterprises can listen in to the challenges and triumphs she is experiencing, knowing these insights we share will help.

This is another example of her commitment to supporting women and I am sure you will be inspired and empowered by tapping into just a small part of the progress she had made and her action plans for the future. 

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Show Notes

  • The importance of having clear Umbrella Goals and the need to prioritise these as well so that you are focused on gaining traction, not just taking action. You’ll also find that achieving in one area will change the order in which you then decide to pursue others – this clarity is priceless in terms of ROI and ROE – return of investment and energy. We discuss and get crystal clear on the 5 keys areas of focus for the development of the charity this year. 
  • Liz has fear around public speaking, but knows she needs to tackle this as a key strategy to raise the profile of Our Kitchen Table. We explore how the actions of confidence come first and the feelings of confidence come later and use her commitment to her cause as a self-belief tool. 
  • We explore the Brene Brown concept of the “Shitty First Draft” we tell ourselves about what is going on and how you have the power to be aware of and to then change the language you are using to empower, rather than disempower yourself. 
  • Like so many people, especially when you have a team relying on you, Liz can find it difficult to make decisions that serve her. We look at a personal criteria for making good choices and saying no with grace. 
  • The “Reverse Gap” action to provide future fuel and build momentum is something we often overlook as busy, high achieving women and so Liz and I anchor her in this acknowledgment. 
  • We can all benefit from an Advisory Board and we consider how Liz can create one with valuable contributors
  • And much more including how Liz can to enlist a collaborator to secure products and services she needs to reward her volunteers. 

Links and More Information

Our Kitchen Table

Our Kitchen Table, located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, is a charitable organization. We are dedicated to empowering and helping those in need within the community by creating heartfelt gifts for groups or individuals living in crisis. We believe these gifts create joy for the recipient and for the craftsperson.

Our mission is to spread a movement that nourishes the soul. One that we hope will inspire others and future generations. We are dedicated to the mission of empowerment and creating immediate and lasting change in the lives of those in need.

Our tag line is Create: Connect: Community and this is done in the following ways:

  • We create a harmonious environment for participants to come together, to learn and create beautiful gifts.
  • We allow participants to connect with others, make new friends and collaborate with other organizations on projects.
  • We reach out to those in need by encouraging participation in our up-skilling empowerment programmes and by giving them heartfelt home-made products.

We rely and are dependant on the kindness of financial or resource donations. There are many ways to contribute to our cause that would be very much appreciated.

The donation of resources, namely knitting wool, fabrics, general craft items, giving a gift voucher in lieu of a present and hosting a lunch or morning tea just to name a few.

We are currently developing our website which will be launched very soon, but in the mean time you can connect with us on Facebook.

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