Next Chapter Podcast Episode 07: Angela Raspass – Your Captivating Statement

Next Chapter Podcast Episode 07: Angela Raspass – Your Captivating Statement

Your Captivating Statement - the alternative elevator pitch
Your Captivating Statement - the alternative elevator pitch

Expressing what you do, the outcomes and impact that you provide for your clients in an open hearted and compelling way opens the door to a wholehearted conversation. When your initial description resonates with the listener, when they can feel your enthusiasm, empathy and experience and recognise that what you have to offer just may be exactly what they have been looking for, you have potential alignment.

There’s no need to “rote learn” or communicate a sales pitch, you can simply open your heart and share. It is however, often handy to have a framework to utilise that can help you to both build your own confidence and create the connection you seek, without any hiccups or hesitation.

In this Episode I share that framework – talking you through how to say what you do in a captivating way so you connect with those people you are most aligned with, the ones you are here to take care of. I also share a fabulous free resource, a guide that steps you through exactly how to craft your own Captivating Statement – a framework with ample room for you to personalise it with your own style and flavour.

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Show Notes

Your Captivating Statement simply opens a conversation – let go of any pressure about “selling” at this early stage! Some tips to remember are:

  • The mistake that we often make is that we focus on what we do rather then on what a potential client is thinking and feeling and searching for they are and how we can help – so let go of your label and bring your results up front
  • Use emotive words that demonstrate your strong and genuine empathy with the person you are speaking with
  • Once crafted, it is multi-purpose – you can utilise it in conversations, on your website, when you give a presentation, on your marketing materials – everywhere! It’s like an accordion, it can expand or contract to suit and fit the situation!
  • Remember that enthusiasm is currency – don’t be afraid to be passionate about what you do

Links and More Information

It’s very helpful to have a framework to help you create your own Captivating Statement – I love providing frameworks, not straitjackets, so this resource has ample room to personalise it to suit your style.

Click on the image below to access this free resource.

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