Review and Renew for 2018 – Episode 69 Angela Raspass

Review and Renew for 2018 – Episode 69 Angela Raspass



As the end of 2017 draws ever nearer, we need to take the time to review our year, to consider what went well, what didn’t go quite as planned and what you will continue, change, let go of and introduce for the new year. 

In my Mastermind end of year review sessions, we talk about how the year can deliver curve balls, medicine balls and wrecking balls – in all, it seldom goes exactly as you envisaged! 

What is vital is your ability to reflect and extract the learning’s from your experiences, to tune into your heart and make some choices about how you’d like to show up in 2018. 

And so this audio training walks you through some of the key steps to do just that and it comes complete with a copy of my slides from the webinar this audio is drawn from and the workbook attendees received to complete – to turn their ideas into action. 

Although the webinar was created for end of year review and planning, this approach can be utilized at any stage of your business year, especially when you have completed a quarter and are planning the next.   

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to ask any questions that come up for you – you can email me directly on or come and join my Facebook Community and connect with me and your fellow Next Chapter Adventurers there.

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Show Notes

  • When you align with your values you avoid burnout and are far more likely to create a sustainable business and experience fulfilment.  
  • When you then develop your own style of strategy you avoid overwhelm and bright shiny options and are more likely to take consistent action that attracts aligned clients and creates  consistent cashflow 
  • Your Vision and Purpose is what pulls you forward. It both anchors and inspires you to keep going when you hit the inevitable road blocks 
  • In the classic Harvard Study of 1979 3% of students had written goals and plans,13% had goals but not in writing, 84% had no clear goals at all.10 years later, the 13% who had goals were earning x2 the amount of those who had no goals. The 3% who had written goals were earning 10x as much as the other 97% of the class! 
  • You need to understand if you are solving a big enough problem for your clients  – ask yourself, does your market want and value your solution? Are they willing to pay for it? 
  • There is no “100% guaranteed” way to market for results – you need to align your natural skills with the watering holes of your potential clients and a consistent, compelling message. Test and track, test and track, test and track. 
  • Have a compassion plan in place ready to implement before self-doubt hits

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You can access the slides and the workbook from this webinar so – click the image below to download.

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