Aligning your head and heart in business – Episode 68 Louise Laffey

Aligning your head and heart in business – Episode 68 Louise Laffey

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“I’ve realised why women are often not as successful in business as they can be” says Louise Laffey. “There’s such a battle going on between the push and pull energies. We live in a modern world where there is such financial pressure and our heads tell us to work towards that definition of success, but our hearts are just not happy.

We need to embrace the fact that we are not linear, that just because something is not working for us, it doesn’t mean we are doing it wrong, or that we don’t measure up in some way. Instead, open to the idea that it simply didn’t work for you, and explore another way that does” she says.

That’s a simple theory that has worked beautifully for Louise, whose own Next Chapter has expanded remarkably.

Our conversation uncovered a story that so many of us relate too – on the outside everything looked great, spectacular even. But on the inside? Overworked, stressed, broken relationships and emptiness.

Louise wanted more.

And she wanted to find a solution as opposed to solving a problem.

Even thought she had always worked with energy right alongside her legal career, little did she know just how the Universe would deliver solution to, and through, her or the massive, positive impact she would go on to have on the lives of so many people through The Wish Game and her work with the Chopra Centre, organisations and individuals around the world.

Sometimes, Next Chapters have unique beginnings…

NB: I have invested in a copy of The Wish Game and bring it along to every retreat I host. It is a fabulous, expansive experience for all who play it, uncovering and clearing blocks to our goals and dreams in business and life, energetically aligning us with our wishes. Most importantly, it encourages us to look inwards for understanding and inspiration, rather than outwards – the “art of Internal Inform”.


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Show Notes

Louise is an Intuitive Entrepreneur and Spiritual Teacher who has been practising energy and metaphysical work for over 25 years.

Starting her professional career as a corporate lawyer with a leading international law firm, she quickly realised her ‘spiritual classroom’ would take on a unique flavour!

While she enjoyed many of the trappings of the corporate world, like many young professionals, Louise struggled with the feeling that she was compromising her core values to meet someone else's agenda.

A ‘wake up’ call with the death of a close friend, triggered her to reassess her life goals and escape to South America, where she embarked on the start of a deeper spiritual journey.

Over the next few years, she focused her attention on merging her corporate and spiritual lives, leading her to create the process of fully aligning her prosperity with her purpose.

In 2007 she was awoken in the middle of the night by what she instinctively knew was a big idea! For the next 20 hours she channelled pieces of a puzzle that soon would become her life’s work: The Wish.

Links and More Information

Louise Laffey

For the past 10 years Louise has travelled the world teaching people how to play the 'game of their life'. Louise and her team estimate they have made more than 50,000 wishes with fans from over 20 countries.

During that time she has shared the stage with some of the world's greatest thought leaders in metaphysics including Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, Jeanne Houston and Mike Dooley.

Louise regularly writes and hosts online educational courses focused on sharing her life’s lessons, most recently being invited by the renowned Chopra Center, to present a 5 week online course “Creating Financial Freedom” that seeks to teach people how to balance the demands of living in a modern commercial world and the deeper calling to ‘follow your heart’!

She has recently launched and The New Heart Movement TM with the aim of raising and promoting conscious awareness within business. She regularly consults to leading Australian and international companies, teaching executive teams how to work with energy to create cultural and innovative change and sustainable improvements to their companies’ bottom lines.

Louise also owns and manages a private Consulting firm, being recognised as one of Australia’s leading Commercial Management experts. With over 25 years of hands-on transactional experience, Louise has played a lead role in numerous high profile projects for the Federal and NSW State Governments and for many of Australia’s Top 200 companies.

Her involvement in complex, multi-million and billion dollar projects has spanned a wide range of industries including ICT, infrastructure & construction, banking & finance, media, mining & energy, transport & aerospace.

She currently shares her time between Sydney, Australia, and California, USA.

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